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Julie Potts


Hello Agatha,
I saw a post that you replied to regarding acupuncture in Belgium. Is it true that ONLY medical doctors can practice acupuncture? I am an acupuncturist relocating from the U.S. for my husband's job and was hoping to work while I'm there. I know each country is different but I've heard that in France non-medical doctors practicing as acupuncturists are just required to pay a fee/fine. Is there anything similar in Belgium? Thank you in advance for your response.

by Julie Potts on 19 Apr 2014
Agatha Degasperi

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Hi Julie,
As far as I know only medical professionals are allowed to do acupuncture - any time a needle is penetrating the skin a doctor has to bring this. This was reiterated over and over again in a natural medicine course I followed. Having said that, there are many non doctors practicing acupuncture in Belgium. It really becomes a problem when you have a complaint or claim made against you - so I would just be a bit careful.

by Agatha Degasperi on 15 May 2014

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