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I am an Indian citizen. My husband is working in Belgium on work permit type-B since september,2015. I have joined him on dependant visa and came back to India due to some personal reasons. But now I would like to go back to Belgium and join my husband. And the issue is my residence is valid till 15th september, 2016. And I dont have enough time to travel within this period. Now do I need to apply by dependant visa again or do I have any chance to extend my present residence.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

by Anitha on 26 Aug 2016
Evelyne Van der Elst

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Dear Anitha,

Thank you for your question.

Your situation is a bit unfortunate.
You are allowed to return to Belgium and to enter the country as long as your residence card is valid. Upon arrival in Belgium, you must extend your residence card at the town hall. Therefore, it is advised that you return to Belgium prior to the expiry of your residence card.

if this is not possible, there are two options available:

1) request a 'return visa' at the Belgian embassy. This visa allows you to exceptionally return to Belgium and is only granted in very specific situations. Success is not guaranteed.

2) If you cannot obtain a return visa, you must file a new family reunification application. Please note that processing times for this type of visa are now 9 months!

Kind regards,
Evelyne Van der Elst

by Evelyne Van der Elst on 26 Aug 2016

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