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Andrea Mott


Does an ex-pat English citizen retired in 2006 and left Belgium pay a supplemental medical insurance decreed by the King of Belgium on 1 Jan 2012 whilst living in another EU country?

by Andrea Mott on 25 Mar 2013
Filip Declercq

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Dear Andrea,

I suppose you mean you have to pay for the Additional Insurance for retired insureds abroad. This is from 01/01/2012 a mandatory insurance.

This insurance is additional to your membership at your health fund “Mutuelle”. This contribution has always been in the Statutes of all health funds. But for members abroad the health funds had the freedom to choose if they charged this or not. A lot of these advantages in this insurance you can’t use as you live abroad. But this freedom has fallen away since 01/01/2012.

Kind regards,

Filip Declercq

by Filip Declercq on 08 Apr 2013

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