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Dear Sir

I am long term resident in Belgium and wish to startown busines. It will be kind of service web based, so all the activities are done through internet. What type of company I neet to set? Since it is internet based activity can it be registered in any other country but my phisical location in Brussels.?
And finaly, since it is a bit original and unique type of busines I would like to protect from future competitors by protecting my intelectual property rights. How it is done here in Belgium ?

Thank you in advance.

by Aleks on 24 Aug 2015
Arent Lievens

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Hello, see also my previous answer to you.

I would need some more information: what kind of services will you provide?

Regarding the best place to base your operations: this also needs more specific information (tax planning, location of equipment, billing strategy, etc.)
I would perfectly understand that giving more information on a public forum might not be suitable for you. Feel free to mail met for that.

Regarding protection of your intellectual property: again see my remark above.

Kind regards,

by Arent Lievens on 04 Sep 2015

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