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Dear Myriam,
Next week I am moving into newly rented apartment. As far as I know, the previous tenant has to resubscribe his name on electricity bill to mine. How is it done? I know that there is special form to fill in but how does this work in practice? If I donot want to change energy supplier then they will just send invoice to my name? Or do I need to contact them as well?
What if I want to change energy supplier in the apartment? Do I indicate new supplier on this form and that's it? Or can I just contact the new supplier and say that I want their services from that day on?
Could you please explain me how does it work?
Best regards,

by Alicja on 26 Aug 2017
Myriam Friedmann

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Hi Alicja,

When you do the pre move inspection, you read the meters. The previous tenant is supposed to inform his provider about his departure and ask to have his account closed and final invoice sent to his new address.
You can then ask your provider to put the meter in your name. It can be done by phone. In order to do this, you need the meter number which is on the meter itself, the index, read on the meter as well and the EAN code nr. Ths can be found on the previous tenant’s bills, and if not you can get it from Sibelga at phone nr 02 549 41 00 with the meter nr.
Those three information will allow you to ask a new contract to your provider by phone. Engie is 078 35 3333 , they speak English, other providers, you will have to look for teir details.

Best regards,

by Myriam Friedmann on 06 Sep 2017

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