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Dear Ms Marcia De Wolf,

I am moving with my husband and child to Brussels soon. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Couple Therapy Psychology from University of Barcelona.

1. I do not see many full time jobs in the area of Counselling Psychology in Brussels. Is it true that there are not many jobs in this area in Belgium?
2. I am also considering working as Psychologist in a school. Do you know if this is an area that has jobs in Belgium? In other words, does each school have a Psychologist? Is there are a Postgraduate or Masters I can do in Brussels that can prepare for such a job?
3. Finally the other option I am considering with my background is to do a Masters or Postgraduate in Human Resource Management as I understand there are a lot of jobs in this area in Belgium and my work and education background would help me to find a job. Still I would like to do Postgrad or Masters in HR Management. But in the public universities in Brussels I am unable to find such a Postgrad or Masters? I could find one in a private management school, but its very expensive.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards,

by Inna on 28 Apr 2017
Marcia De Wolf

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Dear Inna,
Thank you for your questions. On point 1, I do think there are jobs in your area in Belgium, but you may need to do a more extensive internet search to find them.
For point 2. Most schools would not have a psychologist on campus. I assume some of the universities offer courses/degrees in this area but you'd have to check with the universities on this.
Point 3: There are degrees offered in HR management but perhaps more in non-university higher education settings (such as "hogeschool")? Again, this is so specific that you would need to contact school directly to get this information.
KInd regards, Marcia De Wolf

by Marcia De Wolf on 02 May 2017

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