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Audrey Laika


Dear Ms De Wolf

We will be relocating to Belgium in the next few months and are looking for an international school for our 16 year old child. We require some assistance from you as our child excels at sports and we would like to know which schools would be the best to apply to in the Antwerp and Brussels area which would be in a position to offer the most sporting facilities etc. Our child is fluent in English and some German and can understand a small about of Dutch.

Thank you.

Ms Laika

by Audrey Laika on 02 Apr 2017
Marcia De Wolf

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Dear Audrey,
Most international schools in the Antwerp and Brussels area have competitive sports, but ISB and St. John's probably have the highest quality sports teams who compete with schools around Europe. Please check their websites and check with the admissions departments on the specific sports available, as you do not mention which sports your son would like to participate in.
Kind regards, Marcia

by Marcia De Wolf on 04 Apr 2017

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