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Willy Antoni Abreu Oliveira


Dear Mr. Krishnan,

I am currently close to move to Belgium to pursue Doctoral Studies at KU Leuven. I am very excited about moving there, being a Portuguese young man who lived in Stockholm for the last year. I just feel blessed to have the opportunity to live in some of Europe's greatest countries doing what I love.
However during the last few weeks a big question as begun to take away some of my sleep. Although my studies will be at KU Leuven all the work will be done in the Rode Kruis labs at Mechelen. I will have classes in Leuven and lab work in Mechelen. Of course the place I will spend most time is at Mechelen. However I will not know so many people there and I am now considering whether it would be better for me to live in Brussels (equidistant to Leuven and Mechelen) or in Leuven and just commute every day to Mechelen from either city.

I have already two friends living in Brussels, whereas if I lived in Leuven it would also be easy to network with other students. However the prospect of living in Mechelen frightens me a little.

So what I want to ask you is if you think that the daily commute from Brussels/Leuven to Mechelen by train is feasible (I considered buying a car but upon reading how much traffic jams would make my life miserable I shook the idea away).

I am also having trouble understanding the pricing in the so called Railcard. a 12 month pass between Bru/Leu-Mechelen costs ~900/~300€ with employers contribution (what does this even mean?).

by Willy Antoni Abreu Oliveira on 17 Feb 2016
Dinesh Krishnan

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Live in Michelin (it is a suburb for Brussels already, at 1/2 the price) for an active social and academic life.
As a student you may get an concessional railpass (50% paid by collage) you have to show your id card / collage card and seek for discount from railways counter.

by Dinesh Krishnan on 19 Feb 2016

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