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Bosko Nektarijevic


Dear Marcia,

I am addressing you with two questions. Good old man from Pakistan, with two sons asked me if he can enrol his kids in Belgium schools. They all have residence in Belgium. He owns a restaurant. But the problem are week language skills. Kids are now ready one for the elementary school and the other for high school. I promised to see if I can help but I am a foreigner also visiting Bxls often and don't know who to ask.

Secondly, this inspired me to ask about my kids in case that I decide to stay in Brussels. Let's say I enrol into a PhD program or open a company to get residence. What would I need to enrol my twins into elementary school ( Documents, money, language or other relevant issues )

Any help, especially for the first question would be warmly welcomed.

Kind Regards

by Bosko Nektarijevic on 10 May 2017
Marcia De Wolf

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Dear Bosko,
These questions are very specific and would be best answered by the school you or your friend would like the kids to go to.
For initial information please check these links:
Kind regards and good luck!

by Marcia De Wolf on 11 May 2017

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