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I am going to work to Belgium as a self-employed. I am self-employed in my country Slovakia. I would like to register in Belgium Social Insurance. Is it possible to be self-employed in my country and be registered in Belgium Social Insurance and work there? What duties I have to fulfil to fulfil all demands? Thank you

by Lubos on 05 Jun 2015
Dany  Coppens

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Good afternoon.

You can be self-employed in several countries, but only can pay social contributions in one country.
The competent country is where your residence is if the activity in this country is at least 25% of your total activities.
You need to enroll into a so called “Erkend Ondernemingsloket/Guichet d’Entreprises” to register your activity (e.g. TVA) and arrange your social contributions.

Kind regards

by Dany Coppens on 08 Jun 2015

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