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Dhiraj Patra


Dear Hugues,
I am an Indian want to become a self-employed in Belgium [professional card I think].
I have more than 15 yrs Software Development experience including 3 times on site in Europe [2014 I was on site in Antwerp].
What is the process, cost and time?
If I already entered into Belgium with schengen visa. Can I process the same without leave Belgium?
How can Group S [still I don't know about them] help me to process.

by Dhiraj Patra on 07 Feb 2018
Hugues Thibaut

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Good morning,

As an Indian citizen, you need to apply a Belgian professional card before doing any business in Belgium. This professional card shall be applied at the Belgian Embassy in India.

Group S can only apply the professional card for the non-EU citizen having the Belgian living permit.

Do not hesitate to contact the Belgian Embassy in India for more information related to the Belgian professional card.

Kind regards,

by Hugues Thibaut on 21 Feb 2018

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