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Dear Gregory,
I live in Belgium, but my main income comes from the European institutions, so it is taxed at the source. However, I also have some interest from my bank savings, for which the bank did not withhold any tax. How can I declare that in my tax declaration (which field in the tax form)?
In addition, I also have a mortgage for the apartment I purchased. Is there a way to also declare it in my tax declaration (again, which field?), in order to have a potential benefit against the interest tax that I will have to pay?
Thank you in advance and best regards,

by Kyriakos on 14 Mar 2018
Gregory Goossens

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Dear Kyriakos,

The interest income can be tax exempt is some cases, so this you would need to verify first. If it is indeed taxable, you need to report it under Code 1444/2444.

If there is indeed taxable income in Belgium, then you can benefit from the mortgage loan deduction. Otherwise not. This would go on page 9 of your tax return. I cannot say which codes, because there are many options possible.

Kind regards,


by Gregory Goossens on 16 Mar 2018

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