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Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I am a British citizen working and living in Dubai. My next plan is to buy a property in Belgium by the end of February.

The reason why I would like to open a bank account in Belgium is because I would like to transfer the total amount of the property. This will more convenient for me to do any transactions to my brother’s account as he is a Belgium citizen .

In the UK all banks open the current account for the European Union passport holders just with their passport no need any more for the proof of address. If it is the same case in Belgium I will wait till I’ll get there and I’ll pop in to any bank and take the necessary steps but if the proof of address is mandatory then I will face some difficulties because my holiday in Belgium won’t exceed 7 days.

I have read online that there are some banks that don’t required proof of address. Do you by any chance know which ones?

Greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you so much, Meriem

by Meriem on 03 Feb 2017
Dave Deruytter

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Thank you for your question.
Belgian banks need your legal and fiscal address in order to open a bank account. Such addresses can be (at many banks) outside of Belgium.
Internet banks may accept the identification of another bank, but rarely from a bank outside the country in which they operate. Meaning: a Belgian internet bank may or may not accept that at least the first bank transfer coming into the bank account comes from your UK bank that has identified you. Please do an internet search to check. Sadly it is not sure that such internet banks will have international payment services like to one you seem to be needing. Please check with them directly.

Hoping this may be of use.

Best regards

by Dave Deruytter on 07 Feb 2017

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