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Prof. Dr. Bert Mosselmans


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Bert Mosselmans (1969) holds bachelor and master degrees in Business and Philosophy and a PhD in Economics from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is currently Dean of Vesalius College Brussels and Professor of Economics and Philosophy, with a strong teaching interest in Microeconomics and Industrial Organisation. He is also teaching 'History of Economic Thought' at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, a course which he also used to teach at the University of Bristol in the UK. His research in the history of economic thought has received several awards, including the Joseph Dorfman Best Dissertation Award from the American History of Economics Society.


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Kapo Achumi

Respected Sir, I have a graduation degree in Life science and I want to pursue for MBA in Belgium. Would you kindly help me in choosing the subject for an MBA as i have very little knowledge about MBA and the subjects offered. And I would also appreciate if you could help me with the list of universities which are authentic and internationally recognised.
Thanking you,
Kapo Achumi

by Kapo Achumi on 06 Sep 2014 Read Answer

I am living in Belgium from 2 years and I would like to continue my studies. I hold a bachelor degree of 4 years in Business – Accounting and Finance Field. I have applied at ULB, they asked for lots of documents. Any advice about any other uni in Belgium where I can apply?
Thank you in advance.

by Nancy on 06 Jun 2014 Read Answer

My daughter attends the Basis school of Plantijntje Borgerhout in Antwerpen. I would like to know which schools you recommend, as per my previous question. Do all school follow the same system? Thank you for your advice.

by Madiha on 22 May 2014 Read Answer
syed Abdullah shah

Hi, I was in Belgium in April 2010 to 2012 February and then I move to the Netherlands. I am still working in Belgium. My wife has Dutch Nationality. I have a 5 year card. I would like to study in Belgium. I have a Bachelor of commerce 2 years Degree. Please tell me is it possible to study in Belgium?

by syed Abdullah shah on 21 Feb 2014 Read Answer
E.S hossain

I am from Bangladesh and I want to apply to the HUB university in Brussels, Belgium. However, I have been told it will be very difficult for me to find a job in Belgium. Will you please inform me about the chances of getting a job for an international student? Thanks.

by E.S hossain on 21 Feb 2014 Read Answer

I have my Bachelor's from an Ivy League and am currently looking into moving to Belgium. I want to continue my studies and get a PhD. What does the process look like for someone wanting to get a higher degree coming from the States?

by Zul on 14 Jan 2014 Read Answer

Dear Sir, I am an indian national living in saudi arabia for last 12-13 years. I wanted to go Belgium for doing Master in molecular biology and PhD as well. My question is does staying during my masters or PhD course will allow me to apply for Belgian citizenship after three years or so. To finalize my citizenship how much time and cost will involve. Thanks for your kind support and answer to my querry. Best regards and thanks. Mairaj

by Mairaj on 29 Nov 2013 Read Answer
Heesoon KWAK

Dear Sir,
I'd like to study and get a diploma in hotel management in Belgium. I speak English but French nor Netherlandic. I have a bachelor degree in Forestry in South Korea. I'm 42. I'd like to get a job in Belgium. Would there any universities(hotel management) I can enter? How much would it cost to finish the course? What would you recommend me to study to live in Belgium? Thank you very much!

by Heesoon KWAK on 25 Sep 2013 Read Answer
Dr Gurbanni Dhillon Virk

My name is Dr Gurbanni Dhillon Virk and I am a Dentist with the Masters qualification of Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS) in Endodontics and Conservative Surgery from India.

I am relocating to Brussels, Belgium with my husband as he has been granted a Belgium Blue Card/ Work Permit.

I wish to gain an equivalency of my degree in Belgium that will allow me to work as a Dentist.
I wish to gain equivalency with the Federation of Wallonia Brussels (FWB) and with the French community of Belgium.

by Dr Gurbanni Dhillon Virk on 17 Sep 2013 Read Answer

Hello Sir,

I recently finished my studies in Milan and I am from India. I intend to move to Brussels to learn French language. My visa expires in September and I need to know if I can get a stay permit in Brussels on basis of admission in a language school.
Your guidance will be valuable.

Thank you

by Khushboo on 31 Jul 2013 Read Answer

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