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Hi Myriam, My wife has obtained an invitation to do a Phd in the Hasselt University in Belgium. They have mentioned that they would move papers to get a Type D visa for her. Our son 7 years old is living with her and would also like to depart to Belgium along with her. Both of them are now living in India. Could you please let me know how the process works for both of them together?

by Sojan on 30 Jan 2018 Read Answer

Dear Myriam, I am expeciting a baby with my Belgian boyfriend who lives in Belgium and we are considering living there together. I am from Hungary and would like to know what kind of maternity / social benefits could apply if I go there.

by Mina on 17 Jan 2018 Read Answer
Roman Adkins

Dear Myriam,

I've already moved to Belgium and rent an apartment in Gent, the apartment is not furnished.
I noticed that in my contract is a rule there are no pets allowed. But I'm gonna to rescue the dog anyway because I grew up with animals all my life and statement that animal that no animals allowed is ridiculous. I lost my Yorkie Terrier 3 months ago I just need some time before I adopt another dog. I work 5 days a week and volunteer at an animal shelter during the weekends. My mother is at home all the time by the way, so the dog will never be alone. I just want to know does the landlord allowed to come to the apartment with the police or so to take a dog away from me because if I rescue a dog I definitely not give him away or back to the shelter.

Roman Adkins

by Roman Adkins on 09 Jan 2018 Read Answer
Wynand Kapp

Hello Myriam

Hope you can point us in the right direction. Im looking to relocate my family to Belgium from South Africa. Where would one start in this regard and is there perhaps a more detailed guideline you can provide that specifically applies to relocate from SA. I have seen in some countries there exist the option of investment or real estate but was hoping we can look more along the lines of skill shortages etc.

Would you be able to assist in this regard
Thanks and Regards

by Wynand Kapp on 12 Nov 2017 Read Answer

I am a B card holder, working and living with family in Belgium. Is it possible to maintain the residence status if I would take up a new job outside EU zone? Can the family continue residing in Belgium when I am working abroad? I shall visit to Belgium 2 -3 times in a year while working abroad.
Would like to know the legal restrictions in regard to the residence status for me & family and tax liabilities in above situation?

by Subhendu on 21 Sep 2017 Read Answer
Adina Isaacs

Hello Myriam,

My fiance has applied to study his masters at KU Leuven, as an EU citizen. He is dual Bulgarian-Canadian, and I am only Canadian (both under the age of 30). I am looking to move with him, and have been offered a position as an English teacher. I am only looking to stay in Belgium for maximum one year. I read on Expatica that it says; Nationals from these countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, aged 18 to 30, can come to Belgium for a year’s holiday and can take on paid work without a work permit during this time. Is this accurate? Please advise!

Thank you

by Adina Isaacs on 31 Aug 2017 Read Answer

Dear Myriam,
Next week I am moving into newly rented apartment. As far as I know, the previous tenant has to resubscribe his name on electricity bill to mine. How is it done? I know that there is special form to fill in but how does this work in practice? If I donot want to change energy supplier then they will just send invoice to my name? Or do I need to contact them as well?
What if I want to change energy supplier in the apartment? Do I indicate new supplier on this form and that's it? Or can I just contact the new supplier and say that I want their services from that day on?
Could you please explain me how does it work?
Best regards,

by Alicja on 26 Aug 2017 Read Answer
Henry Vangael

Hello Myriam,
I have some experience with owners and tenants. It is to be judged on a case by case basis : is your animal small and not noisy you have the right to keep it while you rent a property. Meaning that holding a big dog (= needs space) or a dangerous dog or one that's barking often is a reason to get you or your animal out of the property. A dangerous animal or a big dog in an apartment is by definition considered wrong (=violates animal welfare). Note that the characteristic smell of animals or smoking is often difficult to remove afterwards. Meaning a cost to 'clean' the apartment when the tenant leaves. Apart from the owner there are often apartment-rules (which a tenant should receive at the start and which were made by the group of owners of the apartments in a building) that specify many rules about noise, satellite antennas, animals in the common parts of the building, use of the garden, parking, use of common parts of the building etc. These rules too can specify limits regarding animals in order to avoid noise, dirt, .... Lately some people consider holding cats wrong because their impact on birds is so devastating. It is possible that judges will follow such argument as acceptable now that society is getting more concerned about nature.

by Henry Vangael on 21 Apr 2017 Read Answer

Hi there,

My partner and I are moving to Belgium from the Czech Republic with two cats and we want to know about our rights when it comes to having pets in an apartment. For example, can we just take any apartment and legally have our cats but pay a fee, or do we have to find an apartment that specifically says we can have pets?
In CZ, it is law that no landlord can stop you from having a pet, but we really don't want to get screwed over in Belgium on this topic.
Thank you

by Ashleigh on 12 Apr 2017 Read Answer

Hi there,

I am a Brit living in Belgium and I have just signed a new lease. The landlord waited until the very last minute to provide us with the contract (only had 15 minutes to review it). He knew that I had to be out of my current apartment in a matter of days, so knew I was in a position where I had to sign.

Unfortunately, there were a number of additional requirements listed which I do not agree with, including a clause that if I have a pet I need notify to obtain permission and pay €50 A MONTH.

I know that in Belgian law no-pet clauses in residential leases to be unreasonable, abusive, and contrary to public order, and have consequently declared them null and void. It is seen to infringe tenants’ fundamental rights to privacy and to inviolability of the home.

I understand that I signed the contract so will most likely have to accept that I need to pay to own a pet if I wish to, however, are there any lawyers who can confirm this?

If a no-pet clause is an infringement on my rights, then surely making me pay to have a pet is also unreasonable/a barrier to me exercising my right?


by Tessa on 22 Nov 2016 Read Answer

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