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Matthias Lommers is specialised in employment and social security law.


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Dear Matthias - I'm a US citizen married to a UK citizen. Last year we moved to Brussels from the US and in Dec registered with our commune. I received a 5-mo. temporary residence permit that will expire in May. I just found a job with a Belgian company. IAs the spouse of an EU-national I know I'm exempt from a work permit.
Do I have the right to start work immediately, i.e. having only the initial 5-mo. residence permit? Can an employer make me wait until the 5-yr residence permit is issued?

by Chris on 04 Apr 2011 Read Answer
Marko Buneta

I am a Croatian (non-eu) citizen and have been working and living in Belgium for 6.5 years. I currently have type B, 5 year residence/working permit. My wife recently joined me in Belgium under family reunion. She currently holds type A (1 year) residence permit. She recently received a job offer, but it is still unclear what are the requirements for her to obtain a work permit. Would it be easier now that she is already a legal resident in Belgium? Thanks in advance! Best regards

by Marko Buneta on 19 Mar 2011 Read Answer

I currently have expat status. The company I work for is offering me to join a subsidiary, also in Belgium The subsidiary is a fullly owned company by the parent company. I will have to sign a new contract and wonder if I will lose my expat status

by Andrew on 26 Nov 2010 Read Answer

Iam an Indian citizen working for a indian company and in a project for belgian client, I will be travelling to Belgium on work permit for a month. will I be allowed to go to Amsterdam to visit the place holding an Indian Passport and Belgian work permit.. please advice

by Vikas on 12 Nov 2010 Read Answer

Dear Mr Lommers - my current situation is as follows, I have a Belgian registered company, a professional card and a residence permit linked to my wife's work permit Type B. I am a contractor, currently my contract is based in Germany. I would like to make my Belgian company and professional card independent of my wife's permit. Can I do this if I do not maintain a residence in Belgium?

by Grant on 11 Oct 2010 Read Answer

I am an Australian citizen with a work visa for the UK, with my own ltd company in the UK. I have been offered a contract position in Brussels for 6 months and the employer hopes to hire me on a permanent basis next year, if their financial results pick up.
What visa, if any, do I need to work here on a short term contract. The professional card takes months to obtain and will stop me from accepting. . or can I work for 3 months without a visa and apply for one while I am working? tks

by Melissa on 03 Aug 2010 Read Answer
Tolga Kaya

Hi Mr Lommers,
I am a non-EU person from abroad. I have applied for a job in Belgium. IF all my qualifications are preferrable for the company it is posible to get work permit sponsorship by the company. As I know there should be evidence provided by the company that they can not find related person in Belgium and EU. What kşnd of evidence is satisfied by the goverment? I have master degree education (Finance) in that field and sector specific experience.

by Tolga Kaya on 23 Jul 2010 Read Answer
anne nielsen

Hi, I´m danish and currently working as an airline pilot in belgium for 6 months. my contract is in flamish and I don´t understand that language. I want to terminate my contract, but I don´t know how long my notice period is. I have to go fly with another company, who has offered me a longterm contract. Í want to give 1 month notice, but am afraid that I won´t get paid the last month wages. Can you advise me?

by anne nielsen on 20 Jul 2010 Read Answer

i am currently working in a antwerp Belgium with a work permit B for 4 years,i have five year residence card now and leaving with my in case if i leave the company the work permit will be cancle.but the residence card remain with me or it will be cancled also? can i work as a self employee after that?

by Bhavik on 10 Apr 2010 Read Answer

I am a non EU (india) Citizen currently working in Belgium on expat arrangement. I am told by my Indian employer, that the social security is exempted for US;
When I had been to Mutualittie regarding my SIS card, i was told whehter my employer pays the Social security.
Since my employer is exempted, Will I be able to get the SIS card without paying any SS?
I hope I am clear

I wrote the same to one of your colleague who is a tax consultant, he asked me to wrtie it under employment

by ANNA on 16 Mar 2010 Read Answer

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