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Marcia De Wolf


Marcia De Wolf


St. John's International School


Director of Community Relations

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An expat herself, Mrs. Marcia De Wolf oversees the admissions, alumni, development and marketing/communications departments at the school. She has been with the school for 5 years and can answer questions about changing schools, adapting to a new environment, integration questions and anything else related to moving and schooling.


Currently inactive and not able to take new questions!

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Hi Marcia

I need to move to Brussels for work and it will be my new home for the foreseeable future. However, my son is 3.5 years old and does not speak yet. He can not attend regurlar school or nursery. He currently attends a special pre-school in Denmark as the DAnes though it best for him, where the school has 34 teachers to 30 students. They work on his social, non-verbal and verbal skills.

MY question is: can I find a school like this in Brussels or something similar. If you know of one or more how to I go about securing a place. Are these schools public or private. Any further answers would help enormously.

I am desperate for help, please advise

kind regards


by Khaled on 05 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Prashant Kasera

Dear Marcia,

I am looking for a language school in Brussels for learning French. Could you please suggest me some institutions (not too expensive) where I can enroll myself?

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Prashant Kasera

by Prashant Kasera on 22 Jan 2018 Read Answer
Stephanie Buller

Dear Marcia,

I advise French students applying to UK universities and one of my students has just switched, not just schools but also educational systems, half way through his final year of schooling and in the middle of completing his UCAS applications.

He has swapped the IB certificates (which he has just realised won't give him access to high-ranking UK unis) for the CESS Pro. He chose Pro over général, against my advice, because he says UK universities won't know the difference between CESS Pro and CESS général (his is what his new director has assured him... and I wasn't there when the decision was made). He wants to complete his secondary schooling this year having already redoubled in the past, and the director advised this dubious route for expediency.

I am having huge trouble understanding the type of certificate he'll be receiving this summer. He tells me that he'll be examined in a number of subjects, his director tells me a different list of subjects (with some overlap between the two lists). But what bothers me the most is that nobody can tell me whether chemistry, the subject he's applying for, will be listed separately on his diploma or bundled with other sciences. They cannot tell me which body will be issuing his diploma -- his new director is very vague and just says "welcome to Belgium" when I press for clarity. If it helps you answer, the student has already passed before a "jury". Not entirely sure what this means!

Can you give any advice? I am tempted to switch his application to include Foundation Year choices as I don't see how places like UCL, Loughborough, Warwick will make him any offers.

PS Narics have been vague and the universities are not replying, or when they are, are saying they don't see CESS Pro as equivalent to CESS général, which is no surprise to me...

Many thanks,

by Stephanie Buller on 16 Jan 2018 Read Answer
Bosko Nektarijevic

Dear Marcia,

I am addressing you with two questions. Good old man from Pakistan, with two sons asked me if he can enrol his kids in Belgium schools. They all have residence in Belgium. He owns a restaurant. But the problem are week language skills. Kids are now ready one for the elementary school and the other for high school. I promised to see if I can help but I am a foreigner also visiting Bxls often and don't know who to ask.

Secondly, this inspired me to ask about my kids in case that I decide to stay in Brussels. Let's say I enrol into a PhD program or open a company to get residence. What would I need to enrol my twins into elementary school ( Documents, money, language or other relevant issues )

Any help, especially for the first question would be warmly welcomed.

Kind Regards

by Bosko Nektarijevic on 10 May 2017 Read Answer

Dear Ms Marcia De Wolf,

I am moving with my husband and child to Brussels soon. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Couple Therapy Psychology from University of Barcelona.

1. I do not see many full time jobs in the area of Counselling Psychology in Brussels. Is it true that there are not many jobs in this area in Belgium?
2. I am also considering working as Psychologist in a school. Do you know if this is an area that has jobs in Belgium? In other words, does each school have a Psychologist? Is there are a Postgraduate or Masters I can do in Brussels that can prepare for such a job?
3. Finally the other option I am considering with my background is to do a Masters or Postgraduate in Human Resource Management as I understand there are a lot of jobs in this area in Belgium and my work and education background would help me to find a job. Still I would like to do Postgrad or Masters in HR Management. But in the public universities in Brussels I am unable to find such a Postgrad or Masters? I could find one in a private management school, but its very expensive.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards,

by Inna on 28 Apr 2017 Read Answer
Efthymia Rouka

Dear Ms De Wolf,
I want to move in Belgium in order to train and work as a tour guide. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in history and archaeology. I would like to know if there are schools in Belgium which offer tour guide courses and training. Can an EU citizen with no Belgian nationality enrol in these schools? I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

by Efthymia Rouka on 22 Apr 2017 Read Answer
Audrey Laika

Dear Ms De Wolf

We will be relocating to Belgium in the next few months and are looking for an international school for our 16 year old child. We require some assistance from you as our child excels at sports and we would like to know which schools would be the best to apply to in the Antwerp and Brussels area which would be in a position to offer the most sporting facilities etc. Our child is fluent in English and some German and can understand a small about of Dutch.

Thank you.

Ms Laika

by Audrey Laika on 02 Apr 2017 Read Answer
Abdelrahman Wahdan

Dear Mrs Marica,

My question is regarding getting student's permit in Belgium.

I have a valid Schengen visa for 1 year, and I have got accepted in a masters program at VUB, my question is: Can I travel directly to Belgium with my visa "Tourist" and apply for the student permit from there while having all my documents needed for the student permit?

Best regards,

by Abdelrahman Wahdan on 29 Dec 2016 Read Answer


I would like to ask how schools are evaluated in Belgium (Flanders - Antwerp) and whether evaluation reports by schools are publicly available. If this is not the case what type of information can I consult to make my own assessment of the schools I am considering sending my child to?

Many thanks in advance

by Linuspean on 28 Dec 2016 Read Answer
Adam Brown

Hi Marcia. I'd love to teach a high school math course, in English, in Bruges during the summer. Do you know of any schools there that might have such an opportunity. I teach in Toronto, Canada during the school year, so I am only available to teach overseas in the summer. Many thanks.

by Adam Brown on 26 Dec 2016 Read Answer

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