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Dear Expert,

I am looking for a good Spanish course ideally located in the Ixelles area. Can you suggest some schools? I have heard that the Belgian government reimburses language learning, can you confirm that?


by Kelly on 20 Jan 2012 Read Answer
Angela Aguero

I have had difficulty finding a French-English dictionary in Braille. I even made a special trip to a low-vision supply store near Bruxelles-Midi, but even they didn't know! Could you please tell me where I can buy one (preferably hardback)?

by Angela Aguero on 15 Sep 2010 Read Answer

I am looking for an English teacher on behalf of my Korean friend. She has no level of spoken english

by Yvonne on 08 Sep 2010 Read Answer

I am a mum of 2 boys under 3 and just moved from Dubai to Waterloo with virtually no French, just few basics from school 20 odd years ago! Need to brush up quickly in order to get by better when out and about, on phone etc, can you suggest any solution for some French lessons - I could manage an evening or weekend coure, but also could be more flexible for me to have somebody come to my house for private lessons?

thanks for any help

by Suzy on 06 Jun 2010 Read Answer

Looking for French language course
Can you suggest some good institutions?
Specially near Schuman area

by deenesh2309 on 24 May 2010 Read Answer

Need to locate a host family in/near Brussels for Canadian student wanting to live in and improve French language, any advice?

by Douglas on 21 Mar 2010 Read Answer

Hello, kindly advise if the English language is enough to have a good job in accounting (my work field) in Belgium or I have to learn dutch or french
i'm planning to move to brussels.
thanks in advance

by Sayed on 31 Jul 2009 Read Answer

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