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Gregory Goossens is a partner of TAXPATRIA, established early 2010 as an independent tax service provider for the international community working and living in Belgium. The company currently has two offices, one in Brussels and one in Antwerp. TAXPATRIA presents itself as a valuable alternative for the classic “Big Four” companies, not only in terms of fee rates but also, and more important, we provide a personal touch service and strive to establish a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients. Further information in this respect you can find on the company’s website:


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Jim Cramer

Hi, I'm not sure if you can help me or not. I want to apply for my state pension but I have been told that I have to do that here in Belgium as this is where I now live and work.

I want really to clarify the situation and find out the steps I need to take to achieve this. I have worked in Belgium since 2003 and for the last 7 years, I have been paying Belgian Taxes and Social Security. I have my own company which is registered in Belgium as a GCV, so I guess I am self-employed. If you cannot help is it possible you could point me to someone who could?

Thanks in advance,
Jim Cramer.

by Jim Cramer on 14 May 2018 Read Answer
Jan Kerzel

I am Czech, I was working in Belgium from 7,2016 to 7/2017. I was registered at municipality Etterbeek. My family (wife and three kids) has remained back in Czech republic. I got my tax bill as single. I started to investigate and the municipality accepted to add the information that I am married, but the refused to accept my kids and calculate on this my tax bill. They asked me to try to send a reclamation to resolve residence/ non-residence status. Is it advisable to do so to get more money back? Is there a online pre-calculation possible? Can you advise how to proceed?
thx in advance
Kind Regards

by Jan Kerzel on 10 May 2018 Read Answer
Patrick Foster

Hi, I've been working in Brussels for a bank as a sole trader and I'm seeking some advice on tax and allowable expenses. My current accountant seems to consider certain costs as not expenses, yet I only have to pay these costs because I'm here working in Brussels, I'm confused. My Belgium accountant is paid for by a services company in Dublin and I invoice the service company for my contracted time in Brussels but from my UK address.

by Patrick Foster on 15 Apr 2018 Read Answer

I have been working as an intracommunity freelancer for some projects. After some time, I am requested to register in Belgium with a limited time for giving the proof, I would like to have a consultation appointment to discuss my situation in more details.

Best regards
Alberto Lozano

by Alberto on 13 Apr 2018 Read Answer
Rui Almeida


I am a Portuguese working and living in Belgium and subject to the normal Belgium tax regime (did not get the expat-status)
In a couple of months, I will be moving out of Belgium to live in Germany, permanently.
My employer will still be in Belgium and I will receive my salary in Belgium and pay withholding taxes in Belgium.

Especially this year, because I am moving now, I will not hit the 183 days threshold in Germany. But the following years I might hit this limit.

I would like to ask what are the implications Tax wise?
- What do I need to be aware when fiscally living in Germany and actually have my employer in Belgium?
- Do I keep my Belgium ID to make the tax return electronically?
- Will I have to pay taxes in Belgium and Germany?
- Can I just pay taxes in Belgium and pay the social security (like the mutuelle) in Germany?
- Will I need to be taxed on my income in Germany instead of Belgium?
- Is it advisable/advantageous to have an accountant dealing with this situation or is it possible for me to take care of it myself?

Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Rui Almeida

by Rui Almeida on 27 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Martin O'Connor

I moved to Brussels on July 24 2017 for work. I work for a Bank via my limited company in the UK. I have so far worked a 151 days and have just registered myself in Brussels. What should I do as I got lots of information about tax but dont know what is correct. Presently my Limited company in the UK pays Tax and Social charges in the UK.



by Martin O'Connor on 16 Mar 2018 Read Answer
André Battistini Alves da Graça

Hi Gregory, thanks in advance for your help.
I´m Italian and I arrived in Brussels on January 25th. Started working middle of February, my conract was finalised and presented to the comune todau (March 16th) and until now I haven´t received any income.
I´m working as "socio active" and it was told tha I should pay EUR720 now in March regarding taxes that as usually pay by quarter.
I would like to understand better how it works. How can I pay for a quarter if I didn´t work for this period?
It doesn´t matter if I didn´t receive yet any income and I worked for only 1 month?
it was told that I should pay EUR720 until March 20th, otherwise I can be fined in 3%.

please, I need help!

Thanks and best regards,

by André Battistini Alves da Graça on 16 Mar 2018 Read Answer

Dear Gregory,
I live in Belgium, but my main income comes from the European institutions, so it is taxed at the source. However, I also have some interest from my bank savings, for which the bank did not withhold any tax. How can I declare that in my tax declaration (which field in the tax form)?
In addition, I also have a mortgage for the apartment I purchased. Is there a way to also declare it in my tax declaration (again, which field?), in order to have a potential benefit against the interest tax that I will have to pay?
Thank you in advance and best regards,

by Kyriakos on 14 Mar 2018 Read Answer
AS Shah

Dear Sir,

I have a question on expat status.
I recently (1 month before) came to Belgium for a work purpose. I would like to know what is the procedure to register myself as expat status.?
How much tax benefit i can get with the Expat status?
Should i claim the tax return under expat status or my employer will automatically deduct tax according to expat status?

by AS Shah on 12 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Mohamed Shokry

Hi Gregory

I was wondering if special tax regime has anything to do with applying for Belgian citizenship if I stayed for more than 5 years as I’ll be considered nonresident from the tax point of view.

Kind Regards

by Mohamed Shokry on 09 Mar 2018 Read Answer

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