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Renovation Specialist

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Housing: Buying & Selling

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I work with home and business owners (often expats living in Brussels) to make their renovation both enjoyable and fulfilling.


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Hi Francesca,
We are planning to buy an apartment in Brussels. The house has Electric Accumulator radiator installed for heating. We know that electricity is quite expensive in Belgium as compared to gas. Hence, we are planning to replace the electric heaters with gas.
On an initial estimate, this conversion would cost us 6000-7000 euros.
We do not know whom to check to help us understand on this and also on the calculation part. Can you please provide me any contact to check with?
Also, Can you please help me understand the following questions?
1. Is it really beneficial to change from electric to gas? Will there be significant savings on our monthly bills?
(I mean the reduction in bills so much so that we can recover our conversion cost in few years)
2. Do Electic heaters reduce the value of PEB certificate? (Ex. from C to E,F,G)
Thanks in advance for your response!


by Ria on 14 Dec 2017 Read Answer

My husband will be Belgium expats starting in December. We are looking for everyday home appliances (lamps, coffee pots, etc...) that we can buy from an expat leaving needing to get rid of these appliances. What resources are out there?

by Terri-Ann on 20 Nov 2014 Read Answer

I recently purchased an apartment and am having a meeting with the rest of the owners in the building. The person who is living in the attic requested for all the owners to contribute for the cost of isolation of the roof.
Since it doesn't benefit the rest of the apartment I am wondering if by law it is required for me to pay for isolation of the roof.
I could understand if the roof is licking or something but I am not convinced if the roof isolation is part of Common building cost.
Kind regards,

by Lisa on 12 Nov 2014 Read Answer
Erlend Hansen

My wife and I are moving by the end of August. Before that we need to get rid of some stuff which is too big for the garbage bags, for example an old chair. Could you please tell us what to do? Not all of it would be wanted by a flee market, e.g. broken computers. Thank you in advance.

by Erlend Hansen on 20 Jul 2014 Read Answer
Helen booth

We are UK citizens living in Overijse for 14 years in our own house. We have finished paying our mortgage. What tax liability will we have if we sell up to move back to the UK?

by Helen booth on 14 Jul 2014 Read Answer

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