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We are insurance broker with own expat health, accident and liability insurances.


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Hi, I am Belgian but living in Canada. I want to come to Belgium with my wife (Canadian) and kids, purchase a used vehicle. Travel around the EU for 7 months, then sell the vehicle (or possibly import it to Canada). Is it possible to insure it as a non-resident Belgian?

by David on 03 Jun 2015 Read Answer

Hello, We live in the US and are organizing our wedding party in Brussels. We are looking for an event insurance, type civil liability. We contacted several insurance companies, but they don't cover non-residents. Can you recommend a company that would offer this service to non-residents? Many thanks! This seems to be a needle in a haystack!

by Lucile on 10 Apr 2015 Read Answer

I have just closed my bvba. I will trade as a self employed person. Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

by fred on 19 Jul 2014 Read Answer
M. George

Hello, I've just relocated to Belgium to start a new job in nearby Luxembourg. On registering in my local Commune I was told I need to sign up with a mutuelle here in BE. However my social security insurance will be covered by my employer in Luxembourg. Does that mean I need to pay 2 social security insurances - one for BE and one for Lux? Will my wife (who is also a EU citizen but does not work at the moment) need a BE and LUX social security cover as well? Thank you very much for your help!

by M. George on 26 Jun 2014 Read Answer

We have got a home insurance from ING and the only paper work received at that time mentioned a limit of approximately 40K EUR. Our house has been broken into in July, and close to 30k eur worth of watch and jewelry were stolen. After filing our claim,we are informed that our limit actually is 7k EUR for jjewelry and watches, and that we could have found the information on the website. iis there anything we can do, given that the document was not supplied to us before? Thanks.

by Ays on 29 Sep 2013 Read Answer
Andrea Mott

Does an ex-pat English citizen retired in 2006 and left Belgium pay a supplemental medical insurance decreed by the King of Belgium on 1 Jan 2012 whilst living in another EU country?

by Andrea Mott on 25 Mar 2013 Read Answer

Dear Mr. Declercq, I live in Belgium for 6 years, I'm 54 years old, I have a SIS health insuranse card. I need to have several implants, but they are very expensive. Could you inform me if I am eligible for reimbursement for tooth implants? If not, which tariff plan for insuranse I should use in order to get such reimbursement.
Thank you in advance

by John on 22 Jan 2013 Read Answer

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