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A highly qualified Belgian attorney with 4 years of experience in immigration matters. Evelyne provides counsel to private clients on a wide range of immigration related matters such as family reunification, student visas, professional card applications, retirement visa for Belgium, permanent residency and the acquisition of Belgian nationality. Evelyne is a member of the firm's European Law Centre of Excellence.

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I have recently applied for Belgiun Nationality.
I had submitted all the required documents for the application.
Including the following documents:-
1) A2 level Dutch certificate from atlas/inburgering ,
2) integration courses attest
3) 5+ years pay slip / salary slips of uninterrupted work and stay in Belgium (I also have type B residence card)

Because I already had more than 5 years uninterrupted work , person in commune told me that i don't have to submit any integration and A2 level certificate. But I still insisted them to take all the documents because i already completed the courses.

Couple of days later i had received a mail from commune that they already forwarded all my documents to Ministry and they don't need any more documents from my side.

Couple of months later from that date I had no information regarding my application status..

Then suddenly there was a letter in my mail box from police with the heading "Nationalitiet" and also email id and contact number of police to contact them.

Then i sent him a mail with my details and also called him and i had a telephonic conversation with the police officer in English ,
Even though i have completed my A2 level Dutch certificate ,I was not very comfortable in dutch so i spoke to him in English and police officer was also comfortable with that and spoke to me nicely .
Then he said he don't need any more details and i don't have to visit police station or personal meet any more

Couple of days later the police officer gave me a surprise visit on weekend at my residence and i personally met him again. Since he already had all the details he just cross checked the same .

But after the discussion , while leaving he said i might have to go through interview in Brussels. But he didn't tell any details about the interview and the reason for that.

Is this normal ?
Even after submitting all these documents (eg :- A2 level Dutch and Integration certificate) is there any possibility of interview in Brussels or in police station? if so what kind of interview i need to go through

Please help me on this.

Has any one gone through some interview process with new nationality rules ?

I would like to have a positive reply..

Thanks in advance

by nani on 11 Oct 2016 Read Answer

Hi, May I have your contact number or your office address?

Thank you

by Khalid on 02 Oct 2016 Read Answer
Ravi Sharma

Hi Evelyne,

I am a non-eu citizen from India with a permanent residence permit from Spain. I have registered my self in the nearest police station. I am studying a master degree and just arrived in september here in Brussels.
If I want to change my permanent residence permit card of Spain into any of the resident card such as B, C, D, E, F given by Belgium government, what should I do?
And also upon registration here what kind of registration card am I going to receive?

Thank you in advance.

by Ravi Sharma on 28 Sep 2016 Read Answer


I have a question regarding Dependent resident permit renewal process.

I am Indian citizen and my wife is leaving to India for pregnancy, i have WP renewal this year end and she will not be in Brussels during dependent renewal process. And could you suggest feasible option for her to travel to Brussels again in 2017?


by Vignesh on 26 Sep 2016 Read Answer
Tunahan Hatay

Hello Evelyne,

I am a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen and soon arriving in Belgium to study my bachelor's degree in Ghent. Since I am a non-EU citizen I am entitled to apply for a student visa, which also allows me to work 20 hours/week in Belgium. My studies, including initial Dutch language course, plus bachelor's and master's degree, will approximately take 5 and a half years.

My question is, after finishing my studies can I apply to a long-term or permanent residence visa? Due to some information on the Internet my student years don't count, although some say they count only half as much. I plan to live in Belgium after my studies and want to have a residence visa so I can find a job better. Do my student years count when applying for a residence permit? Also please note that I will be working and paying taxes in Belgium during this time.

I realize that apart from my residence history I need to fulfill other conditions such as economic participation, social integration etc. Can you also give me information about these criterias? Is working part time and paying taxes enough, for example?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer,
Kind regards,

by Tunahan Hatay on 23 Sep 2016 Read Answer

Hello Evelyne,
I am a Kazakhstani citizen and currently am doing a Masters Programme in Europe. Due to studying in the Netherlands during the last half a year, I have been issued a Dutch residence permit which is valid until December 2017. For the third semester I am required to undertake an internship (to complete my Masters) and I received an offer from a regional office of an international organisation in Belgium. The internship will be unpaid, however, I will be able to support myself with the Erasmus+ scholarship. It will last for about 5 months, so I will need Belgian residence permit. I have several questions.
1. Can I apply for a long-term visa and residence permit after arriving in Belgium and would I need to receive medical and criminal records certificates from the Netherlands? At the moment I am back in Kazakhstan for summer vacation, but will return to the Netherlands soon.
2. Am I exempt from a work permit in that case?
Thank you very much and I apologise for many questions.

by Amina on 31 Aug 2016 Read Answer
Asad Mukhtar

Hi Evelyne,
I have been living in Belgium since April 2011. I am married (here) and I have got an F-Card. Can I apply for a permanent residence?

by Asad Mukhtar on 29 Aug 2016 Read Answer

I am an Indian citizen. My husband is working in Belgium on work permit type-B since september,2015. I have joined him on dependant visa and came back to India due to some personal reasons. But now I would like to go back to Belgium and join my husband. And the issue is my residence is valid till 15th september, 2016. And I dont have enough time to travel within this period. Now do I need to apply by dependant visa again or do I have any chance to extend my present residence.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

by Anitha on 26 Aug 2016 Read Answer

Hi Evelyn,

What is the difference between Residence Card Type B and Residence Card Type D.

What are the benefits with Residence Card Type D over B Type and vice versa?

Does Residence Card Type D require Workpermit as until now i was working with Workpermit B ?

Can Residence Card Type D holders apply for citizenship? After how many years .. currently iam 7 years here in belgium.

Are there any specific dis advantages with Residence Card Type D when compared to Residence Card Type B?

thanks in advance for your answers..

by Adwipr on 25 Aug 2016 Read Answer

Dear Evelyne,
Thank-you for your prompt reply. As my Orange card expires on the 14th Sept, wanted to know if I will get the confirmation of my F card before the date of the expiration or I will get it after the date of the expiration of my Orange card?
Thanks a lot for your support.

by vinita on 22 Aug 2016 Read Answer
Follow-up question:

Dear Evelyne,

Thanks again for your reply. I also wanted to know for how long can I stay in my home country, after receiving my F card?


by vinita on 29 Aug 2016 Read Answer

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