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Travel and Transport

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I am logistics company Director for the past 18 years managing logistics companies in India /Singapore /Hong long /Colombo /Antwerp.My expert is in worldwide Air cargo , sea cargo , Intl customs laws ,brake bulk and chartering services . I am currently based in Antwerp.


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Yossi Karniol

Hello Mr Krishnan,
i just recently passed my driving test in the UK and have a belgian passsport, can i get insured on a car without exchanging my licence into a belgian?

by Yossi Karniol on 23 May 2018 Read Answer
Hannelore Van Laer

Hello Mr. Krishnan,

I'm a Belgian born and bred, living in a "kot" / dorm room in Brussels to be close to my university. Next school year, I will study abroad using the Erasmus program for one semester and as I am reluctant to lose my beloved room because i'm away half a year (the room is rented on a full year basis), I have decided to find someone coming to Brussels for the one semester I leave. I would rent the room for a full year and the sub-renter would pay me the rent back for the duration of his stay.

Now here's the problem. The candidate sub-renter has access to the Erasmus program because he attends an Italian university, but will need a Belgian residence permit as he is an Albanian citizen. Meaning that he would need an official residence to receive that permit, so I've been told.

My question is to you, does a Belgian residence permit accept a sub-rented kot as an official residence? Or should I call off the arrangement, tell the candidate what kind of residence he needs for a permit and find myself someone else to sub-let the room to?

Thank you for your time.

by Hannelore Van Laer on 05 Jul 2016 Read Answer
Asamoah Sylvester

My father is a permanent resident in Belgium and has lived there for more than 5 years. Recently he wants to come and take his wife who is a non-EU citizen and his children so I wanted to ask that at what age should the children be when they are applying for visa in the reunification process? Thanks

by Asamoah Sylvester on 20 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Willy Antoni Abreu Oliveira

Dear Mr. Krishnan,

I am currently close to move to Belgium to pursue Doctoral Studies at KU Leuven. I am very excited about moving there, being a Portuguese young man who lived in Stockholm for the last year. I just feel blessed to have the opportunity to live in some of Europe's greatest countries doing what I love.
However during the last few weeks a big question as begun to take away some of my sleep. Although my studies will be at KU Leuven all the work will be done in the Rode Kruis labs at Mechelen. I will have classes in Leuven and lab work in Mechelen. Of course the place I will spend most time is at Mechelen. However I will not know so many people there and I am now considering whether it would be better for me to live in Brussels (equidistant to Leuven and Mechelen) or in Leuven and just commute every day to Mechelen from either city.

I have already two friends living in Brussels, whereas if I lived in Leuven it would also be easy to network with other students. However the prospect of living in Mechelen frightens me a little.

So what I want to ask you is if you think that the daily commute from Brussels/Leuven to Mechelen by train is feasible (I considered buying a car but upon reading how much traffic jams would make my life miserable I shook the idea away).

I am also having trouble understanding the pricing in the so called Railcard. a 12 month pass between Bru/Leu-Mechelen costs ~900/~300€ with employers contribution (what does this even mean?).

by Willy Antoni Abreu Oliveira on 17 Feb 2016 Read Answer

Dear Dinesh,
I just recently moved to Belgium with my spouse and we are in the process of getting registered with the commune. As we understand, once we receive our PUK/PIN codes, we need to bring them to the commune to get our IDs, then need to hand in our driver's license at the same time to process the exchange for a Belgian license. We were told this process takes a few weeks. Are they going to issue us temporary licenses that we can use while they are processing the exchange, and would this temp licenses be valid for driving around Belgium and nearby countries ? We were planning to drive around and outside Belgium i.e. Netherlands, France, Luxembourg during the holidays.
Another option we are thinking is we get our IDs, but we do not hand in our driver's licenses until January when we are back. This way we have our foreign licenses to use util then. Is this a valid option?

Thanks in advance for your input.

by Chris on 10 Dec 2015 Read Answer
Sathish Madappa

Thanks Dinesh for your quick response on my query regarding visiting Turkey on Business while Residence Permit is in process here in Belgium. I just wanted to add some more information. I have got a eVisa to enter into Turkey based on the Schengen Visa (D Type with Mulit entry). So with eVisa and Schengen visa together I suppose entering Turkey shouldn't be an issue. But my question is will I be able to come back to Belgium without any issues. I do have Multi entry visa to Belgium. So would that allow me to enter back? Please respond at the earliest as you did earlier.


by Sathish Madappa on 25 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Sathish Madappa

I recently moved to Brussels, Belgium on 14th Nov on Work Permit (Visa) which is valid till 24-08-2016 with is a Multi entry visa (MULT). I have applied for Residence Permit (RP) and police verification is complete and yet to receive my RP. Now there is a requirement from my company to travel to Turkey for a week starting 29th Nov. Now my question is am I allowed to travel while Residence Permit (RP) application process is on. This is purely business reason (to gather requirements in our Turkey plant). Quick response is appreciated.

by Sathish Madappa on 24 Nov 2015 Read Answer

I am holding a Belgium 5 years resident permit. Recently, I got married with a non EU resident. I would like to bring my husband as a spouse visa.
I am doing part time job (4 hours declared).
To bring my husband:
1. How many weekly hours I have to do?
2. What is the minimum salary I need to show? How much I need to pay tax?

by Tabassum on 29 Jun 2015 Read Answer
Steve Myers

I have purchased a covered trailer in the UK, paying VAT in the UK. I am collecting the trailer this week and am wondering how I do this. I intend using a spare numberplate from our Belgian car to bring it over. I will have all the papers including conformity certificate. Can I reclaim the VAT once I pay BTW at the Douane? If so, how?

by Steve Myers on 13 Apr 2015 Read Answer
Kumar Kothapalli

I'm an Indian citizen working in Belgium on Belgian VISA. I have work permit till March 2015 but my VISA expired recently. I have also got a Belgian National ID card. Can I travel to India and come back to Belgium in December 2014? Will a Belgian ID card and work permit entitle me to enter Belgium without VISA?

by Kumar Kothapalli on 21 Jul 2014 Read Answer

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