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Hi there,
I am considering selling half my apartment to a friend to free up some cash but am not sure about the costs. She will be charged a tax when buying half (20% or so?) and will then be charged a capital gain tax if we sell within 5 years (and only her half will have the capital gain if I've owned the apartment for 7 years?).

Thanks so much,

by Janine on 04 Oct 2013 Read Answer

I was married for 17 years to a Belgian diplomat and lived around the world. I am from the US. We are divorced. Can I claim part of his retirement pension since I lived outside my own country in order for him to have his job, and I did not pay into the US social security during those years? Thank you!

by Susan on 29 Sep 2012 Read Answer

I am an Italian citizen on a local net contract subjected to expat tax regime. I will receive next week my calculation for the severance package due to the closing of our Belgium office. How much should the package be taxed. I heard that the days I worked or travelled abroad for personal reason will impact my calculations..

by Laura on 12 Jun 2012 Read Answer
George Hurst

Dear Expert,

I was recently told that the federal government can demand up to 40% of an expat couple's worldwide assets if one dies while a resident in Belgium. Can this be true?!


by George Hurst on 04 Jan 2012 Read Answer
Eszter Biro

My husband is a US and Turkish citizen.He will work for an American company as their employee in Belgium. We do not have children.We would like to know how much net income he actually earns if his net gross salary is 120 000 Euro per year? He has been working in America for 17 years. He will receive a pension and has an American Retirement plan. Can he get an expat Status in Belgium with the special tax refund? Thank you for your advice. Eszter

by Eszter Biro on 24 Mar 2011 Read Answer
Valerie Woods

I cannot find out what exactly are the off peak hours for Electrabel electricity usage. They seem to want to keep it a secret. I know they are evening ang weekends, but exactly when in the evening do they start? And when in the morning do they end? Electricity is very expensive here, and I would like to optimize my costs where I can.
Thank you,

by Valerie Woods on 02 Dec 2010 Read Answer
Jane Banen


I am an American citizen working at an international school in Antwerp, Belgium. I have recently gone through a divorce and need to open an IRA ASAP in order to roll-over funds ( a QDRO) from the divorce-do you have any idea how I can open an IRA while I'm here in Belgium?

Thank you I appreciate any advice you can give me,


Jane Banen

by Jane Banen on 01 Apr 2010 Read Answer

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