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Senior Manager "Banking, Insurance, Personal & Private Banking"

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20 years of expertise in international bank accounts and cards, insurance, internet banking, tax optimal financial products, acquiring real estate in Belgium, pension. I have been an Expat.


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Dear Dave

I am a UK resident and have a researcher's contract with a university in Belgium, however, I plan to continue living in the UK for the duration of the contract. Is it possible to open a bank account in Belgium using my UK address as proof of residence?

Many thanks for your help.

by Maria on 14 Sep 2017 Read Answer
Follow-up question:

Dear Dave,
Thank you for your answer. What kind of documents would a bank accept as proof of UK address? In my first visit to Belgium, when I plan to visit a bank to open an account, I will be staying with friends (for no longer than 3 nights). Will the bank require proof of hotel accommodation?
Many thanks again.

by Maria on 19 Sep 2017 Read Answer
Annie Caza

I have a few simple questions. What will Belfius charge me for an ATM withdraw, using an American Debit Card, at the airport? Is it more expensive at the airport than other locations? What is the maximum daily amount?
Thank you!

by Annie Caza on 03 May 2017 Read Answer

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I am a British citizen working and living in Dubai. My next plan is to buy a property in Belgium by the end of February.

The reason why I would like to open a bank account in Belgium is because I would like to transfer the total amount of the property. This will more convenient for me to do any transactions to my brother’s account as he is a Belgium citizen .

In the UK all banks open the current account for the European Union passport holders just with their passport no need any more for the proof of address. If it is the same case in Belgium I will wait till I’ll get there and I’ll pop in to any bank and take the necessary steps but if the proof of address is mandatory then I will face some difficulties because my holiday in Belgium won’t exceed 7 days.

I have read online that there are some banks that don’t required proof of address. Do you by any chance know which ones?

Greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you so much, Meriem

by Meriem on 03 Feb 2017 Read Answer

Dear All,

I am British passport holder, what documents do I need to open a bank account in Belgium?

Thank you so much for your help .

Kind Regards

by meriem on 29 Jan 2017 Read Answer

I am a British citizen and I would like to open a bank account in Belgium as I am planning to buy a property in Anderlecht therefore I have to transfer the money to my account before coming to Belgium .
I am planning to come the last 10 days in Feb .
Can my brother open a bank account on my behalf, as I have HSBC bank account in UK do you think it will be easier to open a HSBC one through them?
Thank you

by Meriem on 19 Jan 2017 Read Answer
daniel jordan

Hi Dave,

I own a property in Belgium but don't live in Belgium. The banks have closed my accounts since I don't have Belgium income. Is there an online service for paying utility bills in Belgium without a bank account? I don't have Belgium credit cards. I am looking for some type of paypal for utility bills?

by daniel jordan on 05 Oct 2016 Read Answer
pascal r tixhon

Born and raised in Belgium I left the country to come and live in California.
I left in 2003 and my girlfriend and I would love to buy an apartment back in Belgium. I would like to know what are my options regarding a bank loan in Belgium?
I have a sister who's a home owner and my girlfriend's from France and she's a home owner too.

by pascal r tixhon on 28 Sep 2016 Read Answer

Hello Dave,

I'm originally from Belgium and have been living in the uk for 20 years. I do travel a lot to Belgium and wish to open an account there. If I understand well through the other questions and answers it's possible but we need to meet? Is it possible to create an account and then meet? As I won't be in Brussels before August? Otherwise could my mother open an account for me instead as a starting point?
Thank you very much for the info.

by Catherine on 04 Jul 2016 Read Answer
Amy Williams


I am from the UK moving to Brussels in September to begin a two year masters course at VUB. I would need to open a Belgian bank account to make rent payments etc. I am aware from my research that I need a proof of address in order to do this. However, I know that some student/private accommodation will not let you register that address as the sole primary address of residence and need you to keep your current (in my case UK) address as primary address of residence. Would I be able to supply my UK address as proof of address when opening a Belgian bank account, or do I need a Belgian address as my primary address of residence?
On another note, do you know if this is also the case when registering for a Belgian ID card i.e. do I require my primary address of residence to be in Belgium when registering?

I am aware that this is a subtle detail, but it could have huge implications for when I make the move in September, as to which accommodation I choose - one that will allow me to register that Belgian address as my primary address of residence or one that will not allow me to do so.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

Amy Williams

by Amy Williams on 02 May 2016 Read Answer
Lut Verwilt

(ref: #611913)

Dear Mr. Deruytter,

Thank you for your answer. However, I would travel if there is really no other choice, I'd prefer to find another solution.

Kind regards,
Lut Verwilt

by Lut Verwilt on 15 Mar 2016 Read Answer
Follow-up question:

Dear Sir,

Yes, it would be possible for me to travel to Buenos Aires for this purpose. However, do you think I could first talk over phone? As I live in the north east of Argentina, 1600 kms from the capital, I´d prefer to receive as much information as can be given over the phone before going that distance.
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Kind regards,
Lut Verwilt

by Lut Verwilt on 30 Mar 2016 Read Answer

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