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I am going to work to Belgium as a self-employed. I am self-employed in my country Slovakia. I would like to register in Belgium Social Insurance. Is it possible to be self-employed in my country and be registered in Belgium Social Insurance and work there? What duties I have to fulfil to fulfil all demands? Thank you

by Lubos on 05 Jun 2015 Read Answer
Courtenay Mitchell

I live and work in Brussels and I need to insure the contents of my rental apartment. Can you give me some help as to where I apply?

by Courtenay Mitchell on 25 May 2015 Read Answer

Hi Dany,
I am Polish citizen working in brussels. I am renting an apartment and last week I had a fire. Basically everything got burned and I left with nothing. My landlord already got me replacement flat as he owns loads of places and buildings. I got lucky and moved into the other flat. There was a landlords insurance on the building so the insurance company will cover all the renovation costs for the landlord. But I don't have one. Is there any chance of any help or getting money back?

by Marta on 08 Apr 2015 Read Answer

Dear Sir, We recently moved to Brussels for my husband's work. I discovered I was pregnant around the time we moved here, and am due in June. We signed up for a Belgian mutuelle with hospitalisation insurance, however, there is a waiting period of 6 months, 9 months when pregnant. This means I have to pay quite some money myself for giving birth in hospital. Is there an exception possible for this waiting time due to circumstances (always been and still are also insured in the Netherlands)? Thanks

by catharina on 25 Jan 2015 Read Answer

Hi Dany,

I am a indian National and have been working in belgium for almost 3 years now.
Currently i am working with a Belgium Company on basis of B type Work Permit.
and the taxes and social security contribution is deducted from my salary.

Can you please let know if i am eligible to get a SIS card and in case if yes can you please suggest how do i do that.

Thanks in advance for your Time and concern.

Dev Soni

by Dev on 13 Oct 2012 Read Answer

Dear Sir,
I have a question about a social security on Belgium. I am German, on delegation in Belgium. My husband is Mexican, searching for a job over here. He just contacted the VDAB, however they cannot register him in the database until he has no social security number? Could you give us any advise, where to apply for a social security number for him? Do you get it automatically, once you receive the residence permit? Thanks a lot for your help.
Best regards,

by Daniela on 17 Jun 2011 Read Answer
Yana Avramova

Dear Mr. Coppens,
I am writing with a question on auto insurance. I recently moved to Belgium and have to register my car here (once I am registered myself). All insurance plans I found on the internet seem to operate on the bonus-malus system. I have my driving license for 10 years now, but never had an insurance on my name, so I cannot prove schadevrije jahren, so it is very expensive. Are there companies that offer cheaper insurance / calculate it differently?

by Yana Avramova on 27 Apr 2011 Read Answer
Jana Núñez

I'm living in Gent (Belgium) for one year already, i was doing a European volunteers service, but now this project finish , I am looking for a job here. I have one insurance for this project which cover myself until 1st of May, I have one green card like a person registered in Belgium valid for five years, like I'm from Spain I would like to know if I need to have a SIS card to be able to work here or just with the insurance that I still having it is ok. Thank you

by Jana Núñez on 16 Mar 2011 Read Answer

Hi there.
I've just recently moved from UK to Belgium. I still have my british car and I would like to keep it registered and insured in UK.Is it possible? or is there any period of time that I have to re-register it in BE. thank you for your advise in advance.
best regards

by Ula on 22 Oct 2010 Read Answer

Dear Sir, I have moved to Belgium from Germany. For the time being I am not yet employed, but will be in a month at the latest. I will be working as a self-employed doctor in a private clinic. Would you please advice which main health insurance I should take out the best and what kind of complementary insurance? Can I already now take out the insurance even though I am not working yet? Thank you in advance for your advice. Sincerely, Rolandas

by Rolandas on 05 Jan 2010 Read Answer

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