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Laura De Sanctis

I am an Italian attorney. I worked in Brussels from December 1996 to November 1999 and paid social security contributions to Partena. Then I moved back to Italy where I work and pay social security contributions. I am not going to retire and, in any case, I am not interested in requesting totalization of the contributions paid in Belgium. I wonder whether I can get back the contributions paid to Partena from 1996 to 1999 and, if so, to whom I shall apply. Thanks

by Laura De Sanctis on 05 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Dennis Wajda

I am a retired USA citizen. My wife is a retired Belgian citizen. We are moving to Belgium for several years and want to know how we can receive medical insurance. Although my wife worked in Belgium it was not long nor for significant pay. Are there insurance plans available for us to buy into?

by Dennis Wajda on 06 Feb 2018 Read Answer
Ken Oldfield

Wife is Belgian. She worked in Belgium for 14 and for 2 years in Germany before moving to Canada. I am Canadian. We have returned to Belgium and have lived here on a permanent basis for the last 12 years.
Does my wife (and/or I) qualify for the state portion of health care coverage.
We have been paying our total coverage bill with Partena who claim my wife did not work long enough in Belgium to qualify.

by Ken Oldfield on 22 Nov 2017 Read Answer

Hi Dany,

can you recommend/name some insurers in Belgium that offer extra coverage on top of the usual ca. 75% of the mutuelle, to get a 100% coverage?

Many thanks

by Jakob on 31 Oct 2017 Read Answer

Hello, I will be moving to Belgium in a few months from the US to be with my boyfriend. If I get a job in Belgium it will be a US Federal job working in Brussels. I'm not quite sure how this will work when it comes to finding a DR. and getting Health Insurance. I take a medication that is prescribed on a 90-day basis so I'd like to have this figured out before I go.

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

by Hannah on 14 Oct 2017 Read Answer
Coletta Fry

Hi Danny, My husband and I left Belgium in May last year after 37 years, to live back in the UK. We both have Belgian pensions and have just received bills from our Belgian mutuality (mutulaiteit) to pay contributions for rest of 2016 and whole of 2017 plus 50 Euros each as compulsary contribution. We will never return to Belgium and do not anticipate having to use their medical facilities ever. Can you tell us why we should pay this? Kind regards, Coletta

by Coletta Fry on 10 Apr 2017 Read Answer

Hi Dany,

I`m coming to work as a volunteer to Belgium for 12 months, starting from next January. I have a European Health Insurance Card, but as I suspect I might need dental treatment while staying in Belhium, I wondered if my EHIC card is good enough as I read that most dentists in Belgium are private.

Thank you in advance

by Heta on 02 Dec 2016 Read Answer
Rebecca Nelson

My husband has gotten a job at a church in Antwerp, where he is supposed to start in January 2017. However, just a couple of weeks ago, my son was diagnosed with lymphoma and needs to receive chemotherapy treatments for the next two years. How long does it take to register with the proper authorities and start receiving the Belgian healthcare? We are coming from the U.S. It looks like mutuelles don't start covering you for 6 months. Are there any options for us to start receiving coverage from a mutuelle sooner? Even 25% of my son's healthcare bills would be more than we could afford. I tried looking up the mutuelle that you listed in one of your previous answers and the webpage was all in Dutch--is there an English website I could access? I have also looked up the coverage from Bupa Global as reccommended by this website, and it says that preexisting conditions aren't covered.

Thank-you for your help,

Rebecca Nelson

by Rebecca Nelson on 26 Nov 2016 Read Answer
Hayden Forrest


Do you know roughly how much it costs to see a doctor in Belgium? I have a European Health Insurance Card. Would it be cheaper finding a private doctor or going to a hospital and seeking treatment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

best regards

by Hayden Forrest on 07 Oct 2016 Read Answer

Thank you for your earlier reply. I was wondering, who pays the contributions to the "mutuelle" when I am considered a resident by them and how long does this status last for ? Where can I find more information about this ?

Kind regards

by nick on 28 Sep 2016 Read Answer

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