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My company is called immoLiving and is a real estate agency selling mostly to the expatriate community in the southern part of Brussels (from Uccle, Ixelles over Watermael to Woluwe and the EU area). Our properties are “filtered” which means that in general we only accept them if they fulfil the criteria of being in perfect condition and in a very good location: ready-to-move-in. I am Austrian national and therefore an expatriate myself, which helps me to better understand my clients.


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Maria Vasileva

Hi Christian,
I am writing with a second question. We found an apartment at a good price in a good location, but offered for sale as a company.
So we need to buy the company with its asset.
The company is a real estate one which has never been active and has existed for 30 years. The owner explained to me that you only need to file a tax declaration every year.
What is the transaction type/costs in this case?
Is it possible to buy the company and its underlying asset with a mortgage loan?
Many thanks again for your help!

by Maria Vasileva on 09 May 2018 Read Answer
Maria Vasileva

Dear Christian,

We are in the following strange situation. We bought an apartment in April this year with a mortgage loan and abatement. We are to move in June, so in fact we have still not registered at the new address. We also started renovation works. However, the neighborhood and neighbors are not what we expected, it does not feel safe and we don't want to keep this apartment. Additionally we received the news that my parents need to stay with us, and the apartment will be too small.
Are there conditions which we could benefit from which will allow us to sell the apartment without owing the registration fee for the first 175 000?
I know such conditions include moving out of the country. But as this will not be the case and we would like to sell this and buy another apartment with abatement, I am wondering if this is regulatory possible.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

by Maria Vasileva on 09 May 2018 Read Answer

Hi Christian,
Thank you in advance for your kind advice you offer on my question!

We are expats, a family of 3(2+1 child). We are residing in Brussels for 5 years and have plans of staying in Brussels for another 10+ years. We are planning to buy an apartment in Brussels and shortlisted an old apartment (1977 constructions). As per Owner, not much maintenance work has happened in the apartment and this worries me as the apartment is quite old.

Do you suggest that we should go for a Technical Expert to evaluate situation/damages for the floor (carpet), electrical framework, Sanitary-Sewage System, Room Heating System, Humidity, Walls etc? If yes, can you please give us a contact for a good Technical Expert.

Thanks a lot once again for your support....Enjoy the sun!!

by Tim on 17 Apr 2018 Read Answer

Hi Christian,

My question is fairly simple and might have considered before as well.
Me and my wife (both Indian nationals) are living in Belgium(Brussels) for nearly 2 years now on rent, but now we are considering to buy our own apartment. We are considering to take 80% mortgage loan and bear remaining + some renovation. now my questions: 1. Can foreign nationals obtain a bank loan for buying a property in Belgium. I checked with bank and they without checking the credit department said should not be a problem. 2.we are planning to buy apartment in Brussels region, does all apartment falls under Abatement fees reduction of 175K. i am considering buying not new but old property? 3. If i cannot stay there for 5 years as requirement for fees reduction and somehow has to leave Belgium in between, Can i rent the property, is there a fine on terminating the 5 years condition?

Thanks for your asnweres

by Sahil on 09 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Andrew Davies

Hi Christian,

I am a University student living in Brussels on my placement year. We have a 1-year apartment contract.

I am looking to get out of my contract, the contract states "Duree determinee de 1 an prenant cours le 1er juin 2017 et se terminant de plein droit le 31 mars 2018" he changes 1 of the contracts in pen to say Mai but this wasn't the original. The contract itself has all tenants signatures on there since 2013 he has used the same contract.

Also how much notice period do Landlords have to give to enter the property? In the UK it is either 24 or 48 hours notice I am not 100% sure on what the period is here.

by Andrew Davies on 19 Dec 2017 Read Answer
Kim Ellis

Hi, I am an American, living in Belgium, married to a Belgian citizen. We recently put in an offer to buy a house. The offer was accepted and we applied for a mortgage with my husband's bank (BNP). Our application was accepted, we signed all the paperwork to buy the house with the realtor and went to the bank to sign all the final paperwork for the mortgage. The bank filed the mortgage with Brussels, and then we received a call the week afterwards that the mortgage had been declined (after everything was approved, papers signed, down payment already sent to the seller, etc...). The reason that it was declined was when the bank tried to file the paperwork in Brussels, they received a message that Belgian banks are not allowed to give mortgages to American citizens. From the information that we were given from the bank, apparently, this restriction only applies to Americans and no other country. We have been told that my name must be removed from the loan and we must do paperwork with a notary dividing my husband's assets from mine for us to be able to purchase the house. We are both in shock at the moment and are searching, first of all, to find out why Americans are apparently singled out over all other nationalities. And, second, to find if there is any way around this, so we can purchase this house together. Obviously, one of our concerns, even though it is something we don't want to think of at this moment if anything should happen to him, what rights will I have to the house if our assets are divided? Can you help us at all or shed any light on what we should do in this situation? Thank you so much for any information you can provide.

by Kim Ellis on 31 Oct 2017 Read Answer

Hi Christian,
Thank you in advance for your kind advice you offer on my question!

We are expats, a family of 3(2+1 child). We are residing in Brussels since 3 years and have plans of staying in Brussels for another 5 years. We are planning to buy an apartment in Brussels and sell it after 5 years that is at the time we are leaving Brussels. Now, we are lost in deciding whether buying or renting an apartment is the best option for us.

Here is some paperwork we have done. We are not sure if our calculation is right or not. Kindly request you to help us with this.

(i) Currently, we are paying a rent of 1050 euros/month (including all charges).
(ii) We have seen a property worth 270.000 and we are planning to go for 100% mortgage loan from the bank.
For this loan amount, we end up paying 1.300/month as instalment.
After 5 years, we would have paid Capital – 58.000 and Interest – 17.500.

The money we might lose in this transaction:
Registration and notary charges – 23.000
Initial home setup(as we are buying empty house) – 10.000
Common charges of apartment for 5 years – 10.000
Assuming that after 5 years, if we sell for more or less the same price and considering the seller's tax which could be 2 to 4% of the total cost + notary fee - approximately 10.000
So, the total amount lost would approximately be: 70.500 and the only thing we would have saved will be the capital amount we have paid for 5 years which is 58.000. Still, we will be in a loss of 12.500.

So, is it best to pay 1050 as rent and stay in a rented house?


by Ria on 30 Oct 2017 Read Answer

Hello Christian,
I am considering buying an Apartment. I have few questions related to my considerations. 1- I understand that I need to live in the Apt for 5 years to get the benefit of Abatement. How about, if I stay there myself but I also give a room for rent ? will I still be eligible for abatement? 2- related to this, how about if I need to move out of Belgium due to work but I would not give my apt for rent; it would remain empty? 3- in case, I am moving out of Belgium for work for long, can I give it for rent without losing abatement eligibility? Thank you

by Choudhury on 26 Oct 2017 Read Answer
Michael Fitzsimons

Hello Christian. My wife and I are intending to buy a house in Ghent. We have found a property and we have made an agreement to buy it. We are now trying to understand the taxation system in Belgium as it will affect how the property is owned. (Either my wife becomes sole owner, or we own it together or our son becomes a part owner as well). We intend to rent the property as a holiday home as well as use it ourselves. We feel we need to speak to an expert. We are travelling to Belgium in October. Would you be able to advise us or could you recommend someone who could help? Thank you

by Michael Fitzsimons on 14 Sep 2017 Read Answer

Hi Christian,

Just 2 simple and quick questions if it is possible for you.
I rent a furnished apartment for the last 18 months now. I signed one year contract that is now renewed for another one. I want to know if the landlord has registered the contract (as he ought to within 2 months from the starting date of the initial contract). Can I ask by myself in the town hall or anywhere else if he did that? and what do I need to have with me?

The second question is: sometimes the landlord does not agree with some expenses for repairs due to normal wear (e.g. the stitches of a sofa of fake leather have been loosen/tear). Can he demand from me when I leave to pay him for such damages that fall into normal wear and use? Can he claim the value of the sofa from the guarantee?

Thank you

by Bill on 20 Jul 2017 Read Answer

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