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Hi Carolyn and thank you for your attention.
I'm a Flower therapist workin' in Italy. I would like to know if in Belgium there are some pratictioner with this role using the healing power' flower method of Doc. Bach and if this practice is well known in your country. Flower therapy works on the balancing of emotion and state of mind in order to prevent diseases. Thanks a lot for your answer.

by Silvia on 30 Oct 2012 Read Answer

Hi Expert,

Can you tell me if there are any fitness classes like easy line in Brussels?


by liz on 28 Mar 2012 Read Answer

I'm not sure this falls under your area of expertise, but it would contribute to my well being to know if there is somewhere in Flanders where children can meet an English, or English speaking Father Christmas! Thanks!

by Hannah on 16 Sep 2011 Read Answer

Sorry, me again, just thought I'd let you know that I called the shop you recommended "Autre Chose" and they don't sell fresh goat milk - however they said they sell powdered goats milk formula (organic), which sounds like my best option at the moment.

by Suzy on 07 Jun 2010 Read Answer

Dear Carolyn,
I have just left London after four gloomy years hating the weather.

I am reviewing other places to live in Europe and suddenly Brussels came to mind as I am a financial journalist and there are
many interesting job options there for what I do. An I was wondering, weather wise, how is the city? Is there more light than in London?
Also, is English widely spoken?
Your expert feedback would be much appreciated.

by ivan on 06 Jun 2010 Read Answer
Suzy Immer

Was not clear how to reply to your kind and useful answer in regards to the info you sent to me on where I can buy fresh goats milk. I have not had 2 seconds to myself since we moved into Waterloo (from Dubai) and so unfortunately not had chance to get to Rixenart to get the milk - I presume they have it readily available and I don't have to order it in advance? Meanwhile he seems to really like "Bettine" the UHT goats milk I can get from Carrefour, any reason he should not have UHT milk? thanks

by Suzy Immer on 06 Jun 2010 Read Answer

My 15 month old son cannot have cows milk and so he very much enjoys instead fresh goats milk for the past month in the UK, now we have arrived in Belgium to live I am faced with the problem that I cannot find any fresh goats milk! We are living in Waterloo. Can you help with this sort of thing? Need to know by tomorrow morning where to get it as will have run out! thanks for any tips!

by Suzy on 01 Jun 2010 Read Answer

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