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Arent runs a niche law firm together with his brother Ewout. They believe in a personal approach to achieve your goals. Ewout specializes mainly in litigation (company & commercial law). Arent is a Business Development lawyer, and assists companies in their commercial, legal and strategic development. This makes them an ideal team to support any company (from very small to reasonably big) in its long term development in Belgium.


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Manisha Chetry

Hi Arent, I am Manisha Chetry from India. I did my masters from France and landed a job in Erembodegem, Belgium in the month of December. I had a fixed term contract from February to July. My employer was working his best to get my work permit for the past five months, giving me always positive response and asked me to wait patiently till I get my work permit and then join the office accordingly. As a result of which I was not looking for other opportunities. Now just two weeks ago, my boss replies me saying that my recruitment is on hold and they cannot proceed further with my recruitment (reason new general manager has taken up the position and froze my recruitment) But the fact is he took up the position long time back and also my company didn't apply for my work permit . They were just bluffing me and keeping me on hold. Now 5 months of my career got wasted along with lots of expense. I have no idea what to do. Can you suggest me solutions to this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance

by Manisha Chetry on 30 Apr 2018 Read Answer
Bruce Mclelland

I am trying to help a friend (EU national). She wishes to set up a small retail shop in Brussels. She will be self-employed and initially have no employees.
Does she require any special education certificates to do this in Belgium. She has nearly 15 years experience with her own business in the USA (with tax filings to prove it) and had a shop in Germany for 10 years. Records are available. Thank you

by Bruce Mclelland on 07 Jul 2016 Read Answer

Hello, I want to open a small shop for baby clothes in Belgium. I am a EU Resident and have official address in Belgium. Where must I go to start the procedure of opening a company and is a certificate of certain course necessary for this business?
How long does it take approximately to do this?
Thank you

by Raya on 05 Jul 2016 Read Answer

I am a long term resident of Belgian (UK national). I will be contracting for a UK company, working in London 15 days/month and 5 days/month at home in Belgium. I want to know if I should set up a limited company here in Belgium or in the UK or offshore.
Any advise would be extremely helpful.

by Nicola on 14 Jun 2016 Read Answer

Dear Sir

I am long term resident in Belgium and wish to startown busines. It will be kind of service web based, so all the activities are done through internet. What type of company I neet to set? Since it is internet based activity can it be registered in any other country but my phisical location in Brussels.?
And finaly, since it is a bit original and unique type of busines I would like to protect from future competitors by protecting my intelectual property rights. How it is done here in Belgium ?

Thank you in advance.

by Aleks on 24 Aug 2015 Read Answer
Pat Carney

Hello Arent:

I am located in the US and I am employed by PearlChain which is a Belgium company. They have not paid me for my final payment and they have terminated most of the US employees. there is no communication and they owe me approximately 18 days of pay. Is that legal in Belgium?

by Pat Carney on 18 May 2015 Read Answer

Dear Expert,
I am German and have a residence in Germany. I live here (temporary but long term) with my husband and have a special ID Card (EU).
I have a freelancer license in Germany and want to start as a freelancer at a Belgian company now (as a German "Company").
What do I have consider to comply with all Belgian formalities (e.g. LIMOSA, other registrations, ...)?
Thank you very much for your help.
Kind regards,

by Edith on 12 Dec 2014 Read Answer
Vladimir Mihalka

Hello, Id like to sell some Slovakian wines to Antwerp restaurants, and hotels, and I don t know tax and registration condition.Thank you for any advice.

by Vladimir Mihalka on 06 Jul 2014 Read Answer

Hi there, I legally live in Belgium (British, married to a Belgian). I would like to open my first small business here selling my own brand British made products via a website. I haven't worked for 7 years (formerly worked in Brussels but took a break to look after my child). How do I go about this the right way? Is an eenmanzaak the way to go please and how do I initiate this? Thanks in advance.

by Amanda on 13 Mar 2014 Read Answer

I have a resident card, Non EU that has expired recently. Can I travel to an EU country and come back? My new card has not arrived, I have a valid WP though.

by Nitin on 17 Feb 2014 Read Answer

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