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I was born in Holland, moved to Los Angeles when I was 12, and just two years ago, moved to Ghent, Belgium for a job as Product Manager. Last year, I left that job to start my own coaching firm. I now work with people who want to move their business or career forward. My wife and I have two boys. When not working or with family, I like to run, swim, read, write and listen.


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Hi, i am belgium by marriage. we now live in the US and dont think we will go back in a long time to Belgium. Can i acquire the US nationality too without loosing the belgium nationality?
thanks a lot

by ceci on 25 Jun 2010 Read Answer

Hi, I am a UK national who has been offered a job here in Belgium. Is it better to push for an expat contract or a belgian permanent contract ?

by Jake on 03 May 2010 Read Answer
Mark Melia

Hi. I was transfered from Italy to Belgium. I have been with the same company for over twenty years and I feel it's time for a break. I am thinking of going freelance, setting up an online business, but I am nervous about failing and then not being able to get back into fulltime employment.

by Mark Melia on 21 Apr 2010 Read Answer

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