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Chi-Elements – a company founded under the principle that in order to help individuals move towards effective personal change, they must be looked at from a 360° angle (i.e. from a physical, spiritual, mental and environmental point of view). Agatha holds diplomas in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Natural Medicine, Feng Shui, Yoga and Pilates. Her knowledge in multiple disciplines ensures individuals get the most integrative approach possible completely tailored to his/her needs.


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Julie Potts

Hello Agatha,
I saw a post that you replied to regarding acupuncture in Belgium. Is it true that ONLY medical doctors can practice acupuncture? I am an acupuncturist relocating from the U.S. for my husband's job and was hoping to work while I'm there. I know each country is different but I've heard that in France non-medical doctors practicing as acupuncturists are just required to pay a fee/fine. Is there anything similar in Belgium? Thank you in advance for your response.

by Julie Potts on 19 Apr 2014 Read Answer

I am insearch of an acupuncturist?

by Rasuz on 07 May 2011 Read Answer

Can you provide a list of gym facilities in Waterloo?

by Jan on 22 Sep 2009 Read Answer

Can you recommend places to buy treadmills?

by Lori on 10 Jan 2009 Read Answer
Mr. S.A. Okeh

I read a story of a woman, who killed her 5 children and try to kill herself. Please, for these type of circumstances, if it is possible to locate persons, women in this despirate situation, I would like to help. Please, I need your advise on this issue.

by Mr. S.A. Okeh on 23 Dec 2008 Read Answer

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