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Hugues Thibaut
Hugues Thibaut

Hello Hugues,
for many years I have worked with Netherland Companies in the capacity of self-employment as a Swimming Pool Installation Engineer.

One of the companies have asked me to sub contact for them on projects they have in Belgium.
.I have been doing this type of work since 1987 and have been involved in the construction of all the Centre Parc Swimming Pools in this time frame which includes Germany, the Netherlands, France & the U.K.
I am a UK citizen and registered there for Tax with H.M.R.C

My question is:What I would need to do for this to be possible and legal in Belgium

yours sincerely
Russell Jones

by Russell JONES on 13 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Hugues Thibaut
Hugues Thibaut

Dear Hugues,
I am an Indian want to become a self-employed in Belgium [professional card I think].
I have more than 15 yrs Software Development experience including 3 times on site in Europe [2014 I was on site in Antwerp].
What is the process, cost and time?
If I already entered into Belgium with schengen visa. Can I process the same without leave Belgium?
How can Group S [still I don't know about them] help me to process.

by Dhiraj Patra on 07 Feb 2018 Read Answer
Hugues Thibaut
Hugues Thibaut

Dear Hugues,

I would like to know which organisation should I contact if I want to register as a self-employed person in Belgium? My employer is in the UK and I am providing service as a freelancer. I would like to get my paid buy I do not know how to make this happens in a legitimate way.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

by Vanessa on 12 Nov 2017 Read Answer
Hugues Thibaut
Hugues Thibaut

Hi Hugues,

Hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to look over my question.

My husband operates a rather unique/niche client-based company incorporated in Hong Kong. His business model is such that his clientele are sourced on a contract-basis internationally and he is often required to work and/or live for periods of time (up to one year or longer) within the client's country of residence to fulfil the contractual obligations. Invoicing is done via our HK company and payment is received into our HK bank account, taxes paid in HK. He is currently about to begin negotiations with a potential client who is based in Belgium. If successful, he would as a result, need to spend considerable time with the client in-country. Technically he is not employed by the client but for want of a better description is contracted and supplying a service from a Hong Kong-based company, with those services simply being provided in Belgium. Not sure how this would work in terms of visas and work permits (if any)? I can supply you with a website link to give you a better idea of the type of service he provides if necessary.

Thanks again for your kind assistance and advice!

by Kylie on 19 Jun 2017 Read Answer
Hugues Thibaut
Hugues Thibaut

Dear Hugues,

I hope this message finds you well today.

I'd like to ask you a question regarding self-employment in Belgium. Can I issue an invoice with my Brussels address, a VAT% of Belgium and submit it to my client before I am registered as a self-employed? I just started working in June and would like to get paid, but I haven't yet registered with the Guichets d'Entreprises in Brussels. I will do that and I will also register for the VAT but I need to know if I can issue this invoice and then register with the work activity retrospectively?

Thank you very much for your help and advice.

Best regards, Katarina Hunter

by Katarina Hunter on 13 Jun 2017 Read Answer

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