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Chalks Corriette
Chalks Corriette

Hi Chalks,
I'm looking for a list of English-speaking addresses in Bxl like hairdressers, vets, estheticians etc. Would you know where to find the info?
Thank you,

by caroline on 27 Aug 2010 Read Answer
Chalks Corriette
Chalks Corriette

I am Abu Naser writing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to know how can I get a Jobs or immigrant to Belgium. I have completed Master's in Computer Application(MCA), from INDIA. Now I am working in Bangladesh as an Executive in IT. For your kind information I have more than 3 years of Experience in IT field Specially in Networking.

Please let me know whether I am eligible for applying for a Migration visa to Belgium Government.
OR How can I process it?
I am waiting for yor response

by Abu Naser on 10 Dec 2009 Read Answer

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