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Streaming Services

Watch your home country's TV abroad: a guide to international streaming ser...


With content delivery services that offer access to your favourite TV programmes from your home country around the world, living abroad has never been easier.

Ferries across the Channel

Ferries across the Channel: getting around Europe by boat


Travel between mainland Europe and the UK has never been easier, and if you’re sick of air travel there remains the classic option: take a boat.

Television and internet in Belgium

Television and internet providers in Belgium


Our guide to choosing television, telephone, mobile and internet providers in Belgium and getting your house connected to communication services.

Social security in Belgium

Social security in Belgium and your benefits


Joining the Belgian social security system is bureaucratic, but not difficult. Here is a brief guide to social security in Belgium and your state benefits.

Airports in Belgium

Airports in Belgium


If you're travelling to or from Belgium, find out which airport in Belgium is closest to your destination.

Belgium transportation: Trains, metro, buses and taxis in Belgium

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Getting around Belgium is easy if you know how – with an integrated Belgian public transport system, you can also travel cheap around Belgium.

Driving and parking in Belgium

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From getting a Belgian driver's licence to registering a foreign car and paying road taxes in Belgium, this guide will get you driving in Belgium.

Weird Belgian laws

Unbelievable Belgian laws that still exist today


What crazy things can you get jailed for? Find out the unbelievable, strange and funny laws in Belgium – and which bizarre Belgian laws are merely myths you shouldn't believe.

Emergency numbers in Belgium

Emergency numbers and helplines in Belgium


Make note of these important emergency numbers before you land in an emergency in Belgium, plus a number of Belgian helplines for support and information.

Embassies in Belgium

Embassies in Brussels


A guide to the main international embassies in Brussels, Belgium.

Crime in Belgium

Crime and the legal system in Belgium


Belgium is a relatively safe country with fairly low rates of crime, and Brussels is considered safer than large cities in neighbouring countries.

Recycling in Belgium

Which waste goes where in Belgium?


Green expats from Sunbeams.eu offer this useful guide to the white, blue, green, yellow waste and recycle bins in Belgium.

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