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04/10/2011Introducing Languages in Moscow

Introducing Languages in Moscow Read Expatica's short introduction to our Languages section for Moscow to find out where you can learn Russian and how fellow expats are coping with their struggle to learn a new language.

Learning a new language
Whatever your attitude to language learning, intercultural specialists all agree that learning the language of your new country of residence is a crucial step to understanding your adopted culture.

After you master Russian, doors will open for you—you’ll be able to deal with your own administration—and you’ll feel happier and more at ease in your new environment. Your Russian might not be perfect, but it will go a long way.

If you are new to the country, it will be handy to have print out Expatica's list of some useful Russian phrases to help you get around for the first couple of months.

When you are ready to start learning the language, gather learning languages tips written by experts such as How to be a polygot, or read how a simple grammatical maneuver can make a friend. Invest in a good dictionary that translates from your native language to that of Moscow and vice versa, and make an effort to learn Russian.

Finding a language course
Find the right language course for you—read Expatica articles on finding a course in Moscow. Find out if your local government subsidises courses for expats to learn Russian or if your employer finances language training. Otherwise, simply select a local expat language course. Find a language course in Moscow by looking at Expatica’s A-Z listings for a selection of language schools near you.

Raising children bilingually
Children take language learning in their stride, and any anxiety about learning a new language is generally felt only by parents. If you and your partner speak to your children in your native tongues and live in a country where a third language is spoken, communication can quickly become complicated. Read how other multilingual families are dealing with their situation.

Expats learning the local lingo
Learning Russian is a favourite topic for bloggers, so check out Expatica’s Blogs & Photos channel. In The dizzy spells of Russian grammar, one blogger in Moscow shares the complexities of wrapping her head around the Russian grammar. Another writes about her satisfation knowing her language skills can now permit her to comprehend a few signs while walking on the streets of Moscow. 

Go to Expatica’s forums to see if you can pick up expat language learning tips, or simply wallow in the fact that others are facing the same uphill struggle as you. Persevere! You’ll get there in the end.

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0 reactions to this article

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