Visas for coming to the UK

Visas for coming to the UK

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Whether you're moving to the UK or just visiting, it's important that you find out in advance whether you need a UK visa.

Whether you need a visa to enter the UK depends on your:

  • reason for visiting
  • country of nationality
  • current location


The UK has a points-based system for approving some categories of visa application. Entry clearance officers will look at all of the information and documentation you provide, and determine whether you should have a visa.

You can check whether you need a visa by completing the UK Border Agency ‘s interactive questionnaire: ‘Do I need a visa?’ and their website should provide everything you need to know about clearance to visit the UK.

How your application will be judged

Your visa application will be judged on criteria such as:

  • whether you can support yourself financially
  • your prospective employer
  • your home nation
  • your age
  • your area of work
  • your educational background
  • whether you intend to work here temporarily or permanently
  • whether you have a criminal record

How to apply for a UK visa

You can apply for a visa by visiting the UK Border Agency Visa Services website.

You can keep up with the latest news and updates from the UK Border Agency here.


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