Don’t miss your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ European adventure

Don’t miss your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ European adventure

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Europe is just a hop away from London: there’s nothing stopping you from jumping on the next luxury coach to find out which European cities will give you memories for a lifetime. [Contributed by Expat Explore Travel]

If you think back to your favourite holiday, what made it so great? Often our best travel memories come from more than just snapping photos of famous landmarks or visiting top museums. Instead, it’s the moments we unexpectedly stumble across that stay with us, those first-hand discoveries that plunge you straight into the unique nuances of a new country, culture, or best of all, the food. A family-run pizzeria in Tuscany’s hills, running through Dutch tulip fields, dancing to Irish music till dawn, discovering a ‘true’ Scotsman (what’s under their skirts?), or a romantic riverside stroll under a glittering Eiffel Tower — these are the memories that stay with us long after the photos have been stored away.

Eiffel Tower

Capturing these local experiences is just one advantage expats have, which only comes from having a deep relationship with a new country. Discovering those once-in-a-lifetime experiences is exactly what makes travel special, believes Expat Explore Travel founder Carl Cronje. But often the difficult part is finding the right local knowledge and expertise to land you in those intimate local experiences. Unless, of course, you have an expat or local to guide you, which is exactly why Carl Cronje and Jakes Maritz started a different kind of coach travel through Europe. With 12 years behind them now, their passion comes from sharing their local knowledge so that many others can create their own memorable experiences. With their luxury coaches guided by travel experts, everyone can dive straight into the true pulse of a destination as soon as they arrive.

Expat Explore offers a wide variety of coach tours that travel to exquisite destinations all over Europe. Expats living in London can take full advantage of the Last Minute Departures and easily jump on board as the tours depart from Greenwich, London.

Expat Explore Coach

All of their tours in the UK and Western and Eastern Europe have guaranteed dates, so there is nothing stopping you from jumping online to find the perfect Expat Explore tour. In just a week, you could be exploring Hadrian’s Wall, the Scottish highlands, Stonehenge and more, or jumping across the channel for a long weekend to see the UNESCO heritage canals of Amsterdam and blooming tulips fields before gorging yourself on the world’s best beer and chocolate in Belgium. Guinness and ale are waiting for you while you explore the best of the UK and Ireland and you won’t be able to fill yourself enough on chocolate crepes, real Italian pizza, German sausages, Dutch caramel waffles and Belgian hot chocolate on a European adventure. With so many unique experiences to discover in Europe, the list of adventures never has to end.

Real Italian Pizza

What’s your other favourite thing about travel? Being affordable usually tops people’s list, and true to the traveller’s spirit ingrained in the Expat Explore founders, finding those unique lifetime experiences at budget-friendly prices is the only way to top off a perfect European holiday. They strive on delivering superior tours at prices that can’t be beaten, which is why they offer substantial early bird specials, last-minute deals, no credit card fees, and free WiFi at every hotel along the way. These are just some of the reasons Expat Explore Travel has become one of the top companies for European tours. The euro currency is also weaker in 2016 compared to recent years, so your money gets you a lot more if you book a tour now.

What would be your ultimate ‘once-in-lifetime’ European tour?

Top 10 European tours leaving from London

Best of Europe: After this European smorgasbord of 13 countries you’ll likely want more. But it is certainly the best sample of Europe’s many flavours: take a croissant in Paris, a fondue in the Swiss Alps, or a strong Italian coffee in Rome. That’s before you head off to glimpse the aquamarine waters around Croatia, Ljubljana’s rushing rivers and the canals of Venice, after which you’ll traverse through the diverse cities of Budapest, Prague, Munich, Amsterdam and Bruges. If you have less time, but just as much adventure to experience both western and eastern Europe, there’s always the European Jewel Tour.

Explore Rome

Croatia and Western Delights: two weeks is just the right time to hop through Paris and Switzerland before settling into Italy’s most famed cities of Tuscany, Rome and Pompeii. The adventure really begins when you sail across the Adriatic Sea to see Croatia’s fortress city of Dubrovnik and the famous bridge of Mostar. You’ll finally wind down among Venice’s romantic canals and beautiful piazzas, the perfect backdrop to end any European tour.

Croatia’s fortress city

Great Britain Tour: Just off London’s doorstep lie many fascinating stories. You can discover the history behind Cambridge, Yorkshire and Hadrian’s Wall that dates back to Roman occupation in the 2nd century. You’ll have plenty of time to explore Edinburgh and its imposing castle before hitting Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands. Will you be the one to prove the Loch Ness legends true? The adventure doesn’t end there — the scenic Lake District, Liverpool, Wales and Bath await, before you can contemplate how Stonehenge came to be.

Explore Edinburgh

Eastern Adventure: the rich cultures and histories of Eastern Europe offer a diverse experience from city to city. A canal ride through Amsterdam kicks of this tour, before diving into the energetic vibe of the German capital Berlin. Cross off your bucket list Prague, Vienna, Venice and Rome, some of the most visited cities in Europe with plenty of charm.

Europe Explorer Tour: The French Riviera and Spain’s beachside Barcelona offer the perfect climate for escaping London’s grey weather. You’ll get a taste of French culture and cuisine in Paris, Burgundy and Avignon, before swapping for an Italian palette in Tuscany, Florence, Rome and Siena. Cross off the famous sites of the tower of Pisa, Venice, the Swiss Alps and the Rhine Valley, before gorging in the waffle worlds of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Travelling to Switzerland

Europe Taster: You can hit the most iconic of Europe’s sites in just one week, hopping from Paris to the Swiss Alps to a tour along the picturesque Rhine Valley. Amsterdam’s fun awaits you afterwards, before you breath in the medieval atmosphere, canals and cobbled streets of the Belgian city Bruges. If you have time for a bit more adventure, add in all of Italy’s favourite cities: Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Rome and Venice are included in the Europe Escape Tour.

Three Countries Escape: Even the most pressed-for-time travellers can feel the adventure of travelling across Europe in a long weekend. There’s plenty to see, eat and do in Paris, Brussels, Bruges and Amsterdam. From high dining to partying to sightseeing, you’ll be left with plenty of remarkable memories.

Amsterdam Tulips: Since tulips were first cultivated in the Low Countries in the 17th century, they have been a spectacular sight. Rows upon rows of tulips and other colourful flowers bloom in the spring months — April is typically best — giving visitors the kind of experience that is hard to replicate anywhere else. Adding in the historic town of Bruges, Belgium, this four-day trip gives you a true taste of life in the Lowlands.

Amsterdam Tulips Festival

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Contributed by Expat Explore Travel 

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