UK 'opposes extrajudicial killings but won't mourn Kadhafi'

20th October 2011, Comments 0 comments

Britain does not approve of "extradjudicial killing" but will not mourn Moamer Kadhafi, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Thursday after video emerged of the Libyan leader alive after his capture.

Hague said it was wrong to speculate about exactly what happened after television stations showed video of a bloodied Kadhafi alive and walking as he was being manhandled by Libyan fighters shortly before his death was announced.

"We are just seeing these images and of course at the moment we don't know about the exact circumstances of his death," Hague told Sky News.

"We would have liked him to face justice for his crimes in a court, in an international or Libyan court, and we don't approve of extrajudicial killing," he added.

"But we are not going to mourn him. There are so many thousands who have died in this conflict, and the end of the battle in Sirte and the death of Kadhafi does mark that big opportunity now for the Libyans to move on."

He said the death of Kadhafi also brought the NATO mission in Libya closer to wrapping up.

"It brings much nearer being able to bring it to an end. We will want to be sure that there are no remaining pockets of pro-Kadhafi fighters who can again become a threat to the civilian population," he said.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said earlier that the death of Kadhafi was a "day to remember all of Colonel Kadhafi's victims" including those killed in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

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