Main points from Britain's Queen's Speech

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Here are key points from Tuesday's Queen's Speech, in which Queen Elizabeth II set out the new British government's legislative plans based on values of "freedom, fairness and responsibility."


- first priority to accelerate deficit reduction and restore growth.

- reform financial services rules, after global banking crisis.

- invest in high-speed broadband Internet and high-speed rail network.

- promote low-carbon energy production and secure energy supplies.

- cut bureaucracy costs and number of public bodies.


- political reform to restore trust in democratic institutions.

- five-year, fixed term parliaments.

- referendum on use of alternative vote system for House of Commons.

- fewer and more equal parliamentary constituencies.

- the right to oust lawmakers guilty of serious wrong-doing.

- a wholly or mainly elected upper House of Lords using proportional representation system.

- reform of political party funding.


- legislation to ensure parliament and British people "have their say" on any future transfer of powers to the European Union.

- limit numbers of non-EU migrants entering Britain.

- full strategic defence and security review.

- work with Kabul, Islamabad and others for lasting security in Afghanistan.

- enhanced partnership with India.

- work towards a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

- reducing threat from nuclear weapons proliferation, including concerns posed by Iran.


- abolish plans for national identity cards.

- referendum on additional powers for Welsh National Assembly.

- spend 0.7 percent of gross national income on development aid from 2013.

- Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip to visit Canada in June and the United Nations in New York in July.

- Queen Elizabeth to receive Pope Benedict XVI in September.

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