Libyan leader's son says will never surrender

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Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's son Seif al-Islam said Thursday that the regime would "never surrender" to the rebels, in an interview with British media.

"This is our country, we will never, ever give up and we will never, ever surrender. This is our country. We fight here in Libya, we die here in Libya," he said in an interview broadcast on Sky News and BBC TV.

As NATO and the European Union went into 48 hours of crisis talks on events in Libya with a possible no-fly zone among subjects to be discussed, Seif said: "The Libyan people, they will never, ever welcome NATO, we will never, ever welcome the Americans either."

Seif dismissed moves by France which Thursday became the first country to recognise Libya's opposition as its rightful representatives.

"The French or the Europeans, they should talk to the Libyan people," he said.

"If they want to support the militia, do it. But I will tell you now: you are going to lose. We will win.

"We are not afraid of the American fleet, NATO, France, Europe. This is our country. We live here, we die here. We will never, ever surrender to those terrorists.

"The Libyan nation is so united now. We are so strong."

Seif also confirmed that Kadhafi's regime would be releasing three Dutch soldiers taken captive in Libya at the end of February, but said the regime would be keeping their helicopter.

"We are going to hand over the Dutch soldiers to the Maltese and the Greeks," he said, adding: "We told them don't come back again without our permission."

Earlier, Libya state television said the soldiers entered Libya "illegally" and would be handed over to officials from Greece and Malta.

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