Libya rebels say they 'refused' talks with British

6th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Libyan rebels had refused to talk to a British delegation who entered the country without prior arrangement and who were being sent back to London, the rebels' national council said on Sunday.

"We do not know the nature of their mission. We refused to discuss anything with them due to the way they entered the country," spokesman Abdul Hafiz Ghoqa told reporters in the rebel stronghold Benghazi.

"Now we're trying to negotiate a way for them to go back home."

He said the men came into Libya by helicopter, landing in Suluk, a small town southwest of Benghazi.

Britain has referred to the arrested men as "a small diplomatic team" but Ghoqa said: "One person claims he is a diplomat and he has some guards accompanying him."

"Eight persons were arrested and it turns out that they carried British passports. The reason that they were arrested is that they came into the country unofficially and without any previous arrangement.

"Libya is an independent nation and we have our borders which we expect to be respected by everybody."

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