Irish dissidents threaten more police 'executions'

25th April 2011, Comments 0 comments

A dissident Irish republican group Monday warned police that they were as "liable for execution as anyone," three weeks after an officer was murdered in Northern Ireland.

Speaking at a rally in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, a masked member of the militant group the Real IRA also slammed the upcoming visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland, accusing her of "war crimes".

The man said in a statement that the police were "as liable for execution as anyone regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation".

Catholic police officer Ronan Kerr, 25, was killed by a car bomb in County Omagh on April 2.

The queen will be in Ireland between May 17-20 in the first state visit by a British monarch since the republic gained independence in 1922.

She will be accompanied by her husband Prince Philip for a visit which will be surrounded by tight security.

"The Queen of England is wanted for war crimes in Ireland and not wanted on Irish soil," added the masked man.

"Despite the best efforts of the media, big business and other power blocks to portray this visit as acceptable, we clearly state that the Irish people will not capitulate," the man said.

Northern Ireland police on Sunday charged three men with a range of terrorist offences following the discovery of a cache of firearms in a van on Friday.

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