Afghan government control of security 'realistic': Cameron

20th July 2010, Comments 0 comments

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday called a plan for the government of Afghanistan to assume security responsibility by 2014 "realistic," as international leaders gathered in Kabul to discuss the country's future.

"It is realistic. There is a proper plan behind this," Cameron said here in an interview on National Public Radio.

Cameron, who was due to meet here Tuesday with US President Barack Obama for a White House summit focusing on the Afghan war and other matters, said that while it will not be possible to attain "perfection" in Afghanistan, the Kabul government is on the cusp of being able to capably manage its own security affairs.

"Success for me in Afghanistan is an Afghanistan which is able to control its own security and to keep it free from terrorists training camps and that has a basic level of security -- that's what success is about," Cameron told NPR.

He added that Afghanistan could count, however, on continued support from Britain, the United States and other allies.

"We need the Afhgans to know... that we are there for the long-run. Whatever happens in terms of the politics of Afghnaistan and the fighting, they need to know that Britain and America and the NATO countries will continue providing aid and support and help so the country doesn't slip back into the mess that it once was," the British leader said.

Cameron made his remarks as Afghan President Hamid Karzai sought at an international conference in Kabul to make the case that his government could assume security responsibility by 2014 and demanded greater control of aid money.

Karzai is under massive Western pressure to crack down on corruption and take the lead in facing down a nine-year Taliban insurgency now killing record numbers of foreign soldiers and swallowing billion of dollars of money.

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