Navigating the expat tax system

Tax in your new country of residence

Taxes in your native country are complicated enough. Expatriate taxes can be totally confusing. Common questions addressed within articles on Expatica’s Tax channel include: ‘How does the income tax system in my new country of residence work?’, ‘Does my new country of residence tax expats or do tax rules back home still apply?’, ‘Where can I find a financial advisor specialising in expat tax issues?’ and ‘What about...

Tax - Essential Articles

07/04/2014 Guide to US tax issues in the Netherlands

Guide to US tax issues in the Netherlands If you are an expat from the US working in the Netherlands, Witlox International Tax Advice can offer you tax advice and handle all of your tax issues. [Contributed by Witlox International Tax Advice]

12/03/2014 American Abroad: Reducing Your US Tax Liability

American Abroad: Reducing Your U.S. Tax Liability If you are a US citizen living abroad, you may be worried about double taxation. H&R Block explain how to reduce your US tax liability for any taxes you pay to foreign governments. [Contributed by H&R Block US Expat Tax Services]

27/03/2012 Assurance Vie - An expatriate’s guide

Tax and estate planning figure prominently in the list of priorities of many financially secure expatriate residents of France. Steven Grover wades though the murky waters of 'Assurance Vie' and offers an expatriate’s guide.

05/03/2012 Tax saving possibilities for employees in Germany

Tax saving possibilities for employees in Germany An overview of three lucrative tax saving possibilities for employees that can result in a higher tax saving by Expatica’s tax advisor in Germany, Martin Brune.