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Work in Moscow: Simplified work permit procedures for foreigners

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If you want to work in Moscow, new regulations on 1 July 2010 make it easier for Russian companies to employ highly skilled migrant workers in Moscow.

Foreigners who want to work in Russia can rejoice as new regulations make it easier for Russian companies and those of Russian nationality to hire them. Furthermore, it is simpler for them to relocate in other regions within Russia without having to go through the registration process.

Work in Russia
Highly qualified foreigners who work for Russian nationals with a private company no longer need to obtain work permits. In the new system an employer only needs to submit the application to the respective regional authorities for the highly-qualified worker. In this manner, foreigners will obtain a work licence which is issued for one to three months initially and can be extended for a subsequent three-month period.

Highly skilled migrant workers
As of 1 July 2010, highly skilled migrant workers working in a Russian legal entity or accredited branch office of a foreign legal entity can be exempted from Russia’s work permit quota, employment permit regimes and higher income taxes.

A highly skilled migrant worker is someone whose prospective annual gross income exceeds RUB 2 million (USD 65,000). This amount of money should be only received from Russian sources. The foreign national must also have considerable experience, skills and achievements in their field of employment.

To apply for this scheme, the company must prove that they have not violated any rules or procedures relating to the employment of foreign nationals within the two years preceding their application.

As the company will not be subject to the normal Russian work permit quota restrictions and therefore will not need to anticipate their foreign labour needs in advance, it will be able to issue invitation letters to prospective foreign workers without the fuss of obtaining an employment permit. The company also need not certify a highly skilled specialist’s educational credentials. There is no limit to the number of highly skilled workers an employer may hire.

This new streamlined process of applying for work permit is expected to take 14 working days instead of the usual three to six months.

The validity of such work permits will be increased to three years. A highly skilled migrant worker can stay on longer, providing a request for an extension at least 30 days before the expiration date on your visa is filed.

Highly skilled migrant workers who qualify for this scheme will also pay lower Russian income taxes than other foreign workers.

Relocation within Russia made easy
In due course, foreigners relocating within Russia will no longer have to unregister with local authorities when they move to another region in Russia. The process of unregistering will be automated once the foreigner registers at the new location.


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