Website invites Russians to say 'Goodbye Putin!'

28th January 2011, Comments 0 comments

A new Russian Internet site was polling the country Friday on whether Vladimir Putin's "corpse" should be carried out of the Kremlin, in an apparent spoof of a similar poll on Lenin last week.

"Do you support the idea of carrying Putin's corpse out of the Kremlin?" asked the website. Over 19,000 people voted by Friday afternoon, with 83 percent supporting the idea.

Last week, United Russia unveiled a website, which polled people on whether they thought it was time to bury the body of Russia's revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin, which is still displayed in a special tomb on Moscow's Red Square.

The recurring issue of Lenin's burial is a contentious one for the Communist party and many people of the older generation.

The spoof has a long way to go before it gathers the same amount of votes as the original Lenin poll, which received almost 300,000, with nearly 70 percent in favor of a burial.

But it is not the first anti-Putin Internet site: an online petition for Putin's departure launched last year at (Putin resign) has gathered almost 74,000 signatures since March 2010.

Vladimir Putin was Russia's president for two consecutive terms and stepped down to head the government in 2008. However he is widely believed to run the country as prime minister while President Dmitry Medvedev is considered highly dependant on his mentor.

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