Russian police targeted by 'mass kissing' stunt

1st March 2011, Comments 1 comment

Members of renegade Russian art group Voina showered Russian policewomen with passionate kisses in their latest stunt shown in a video released Tuesday as a new police law came into effect.

The short video shows a string of clips of young women approaching female police officers on duty and kissing them on the mouth.

The footage is shown to a fast-paced Yiddish song "Down With the Police" that dates from early 20th century.

"Voina, in the face of activists of its militant-feminist wing, has initiated the rite of kissing cops and their cop abuse. They chose the grey women as the objects of carrying out the rite," a Voina statement said, as written on the blog

Russian police, including women officers, wear ill-fitting grey uniforms during winter months accompanied with grey traditional 'ushanka' hats.

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev initiated a new police law in an attempt to reform the force known for rampant corruption. Since the Bolshevik revolution, it has been called "militsia", but the reform rebrands it back to "politsia".

The Voina activists are shown in clips filmed mostly in the Moscow metro, where they approach officers with a question that is quickly followed by an agressive kiss on the mouth. In one of the clips they nearly fall off the station platform as the officer tries to break free of the embrace.

On its Twitter blog the group claimed to have kissed "several hundred" policewomen.

Voina's antics have targeted police in the past, with the latest stunt involving turning over police cars in Saint Petersburg, after which two activists were jailed for several months and recently released on bail.

Their most famous achievement however was painting a giant penis on one of the rising bridges in Saint Petersburg so that it rose to face the offices of the FSB security service.

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