Iran sanctions 'impetus' for diplomacy: Russian official

9th June 2010, Comments 0 comments

Russia's foreign ministry said Wednesday new UN sanctions on Iran aiming to rein in its suspect nuclear programme were designed as an incentive to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels.

"It is clear that the sanctions will not settle the problem of Iran's nuclear programme by themselves," it said in a statement. "Our efforts aim to give impetus to a political and diplomatic settlement of the issue."

It added that a UN Security Council resolution adopted earlier Wednesday did not impose "stifling or paralysing" sanctions on Iran and ruled out the use of force.

"Nothing in the resolution would warrant measures or actions that go beyond the limits of the resolution including the use of force or threats to use force," it said.

The foeign ministry also warned against unilateral sanctions by other countries. "For us any such attempts to go beyond the Security Council are unacceptable," it said.

Wednesday's UN vote slapping new military and financial sanctions on Iran is the fourth attempt since 2006 to rein in Tehran's suspect nuclear programme.

A US-drafted resolution was adopted by 12 votes in favor in the 15-member Security Council, with Lebanon abstaining and Brazil and Turkey voting against.

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