Renting in Moscow

Renting property in Moscow

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If you are planning to rent a property in Moscow, here is a useful guide written by Evans Property Services about renting in Moscow .

Rental agreements
Rental agreements in Moscow are usually prepared by your real estate agent and are rarely notarised. A standard lease is written in two languages - Russian and English. Contracts are relatively short, but the terms may vary, so please read carefully before you sign.

Moscow rental terms usually last from one to three years. An early termination is easy and requires only a one to three month notice to the landlord. Early termination by landlords is not customary and is against Russian legislation, unless a tenant is in breach of an agreement. Most landlords are individuals, and standard rental terms are favourable for a tenant. Landlords usually insist on a right to inspect the property on a regular basis.
Rent is denominated in dollars, rubles or less often in euros, and is usually paid monthly or quarterly. Longer pre-payments are made to reduce the rent. Rental payment in cash is still common, however, most landlords accept wire transfers in rubles or dollars. A one-month rent security deposit is required by most of the landlords in Moscow.

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Landlord’s paperwork
Standard ownership documents may include a variety of documents depending on when and in what manner the property was acquired. Certificate of the State Registration of Ownership Rights states the address of the apartment and the name of the owner. If there is more than one owner of the property it indicates the share owned in the property, but does not list other owners of the property. Such certificate accompanies any ownership document, if the property was acquired after 1998. Earlier transactions didn’t require the certificate. If the property was privatized, the ownership documents come in two parts: the Agreement of Transfer and the Certificate of Ownership.

Privatisation documents list all owners and their shares. Another common ownership document is the sale-purchase agreement.

Besides ownership verification, it’s important to see the landlord’s identification – usually an internal passport.
If a property has multiple owners, make sure that all property owners sign the lease agreement or provide a power of attorney to act on their behalf.

If a property is owned by a minor, consent of a state body, which guards the rights of minors, may be required. Please ask your agent or consult a lower to make sure the paperwork is order.

Tenant’s paperwork
There is no elaborate credit check for tenants in Moscow. Landlords usually ask for a copy of a passport and visa, and in some cases for a proof of employment. It is also customary to leave a contact person and a phone number of your office.

In Moscow, tenants are required to be temporarily registered in their residence. Tenants can register in the Moscow Visa Registration Office (UVIR), using their landlord’s notarised consent or a rental contract.
Rental contracts of one year or longer need to go through the state registration in the Federal Registration Service. It is a bothersome procedure that requires the personal presence of both the landlord and the tenant. To avoid this, the length of the rent is often kept at 364 days in most cases or tenancy agreement is used in place of a lease where possible.


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